Privacy Policy

Policy on Protection of Personal information

Jupiter Telecommunications, Co Ltd. announces its policy regarding the protection of Information as follows.


Jupiter Telecommunications, Co., Ltd. (J:COM) may use customers' personal information in order to broadly provide various services and information to its customers.

Therefore, J:COM has responsibility to properly and thoroughly protect and manage when using the personal information.

J:COM has always been committed to protect personal information; however, as the era of broadband advances further, J:COM believes the proper management of information regarding individuals has become even more important; thus, J:COM declares its basic policy for protection of personal information and establishes the personal information protection management system in consistency with "JISQ 15001 Personal Information Protection Management Systems (PMS)".

Basic Policy

  1. Considering its line of business and scale (of providing various services and information), we are committed to appropriate and diligent engagement in protection, management, usage and provision of personal information.
  2. In acquisition, usage, and provision of personal information, we specify the purpose as much as possible and state the source and acquisition method of personal information as specifically as possible; and we adhere to regulations and other guidelines regarding personal information.
  3. For management of personal information, we assign a personal information manager for proper management and prevention of leakage to outside. We provide protective measures at reasonable and appropriate level against a fraudulent access from outside, loss, damage, alteration or leakage of personal information, or other similar risks. We also provide prompt corrective measures against any risks of incidents.
  4. We limit the handling of personal information within the scope of achieving the usage purpose and pay thorough attention not to damage the customers' rights. We do not disclose or provide the personal information to a third party (excluding outsource contractors) without the consensus of the customer (except when it is specifically stipulated in laws or regulations).
  5. We appropriately respond to complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information.
  6. The personal information protection management system will be improved continuously as the environment changes in the future.
  7. In the case of customers' personal information leakage, we are prepared to respond according to the laws and regulations like notifying the facts promptly to the customers.
  8. We have a defined storage period for a customer's personal information required for achieving the purpose, when the storage period is expired or the purpose is achieved, the customer's personal information is deleted without a delay unless there is a specific stipulation in the law or regulation.
  9. This privacy policy may be changed according to needs. In such case, the latest information is listed on J:COM website.
In Effect on December 1, 2004
Amended on April 1, 2017
Jupiter Telecommunications, Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Chairman & Co-CEO
Toshio Maki

Handling of Personal Information

Acquisition and Usage of Personal Information

JJupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd, makes use of personal information owned by its affiliate such as J:COM service operators, program suppliers, telecommunication operators, and engineering companies based on the commissioned works to manage and operate J:COM services. And such usage is limited within the scope of usage purpose.
And J:COM service operators may ask for customers' personal information and use the information as listed below in accordance with JISQ 15001:2006.

  1. J:COM service operators request for a customer's personal information to confirm the details of service the customer has requested, to inform of services provided by J:COM group companies, and as information required to provide the actual service.
    When public information that composes personal information, and also influences the delivery of services or billing for services -like municipal names and postal codes- is changed, we may change the registered personal information accordingly.
    Also information of individuals who used any of J:COM's services in the past are also handled in the same policy as the customer information.
    The main usage purposes of customers' personal information are as follows:
    • (1)To confirm and deliver subscribed services
    • (2)To bill and collect for various services and products and to confirm of such activities
    • (3)To send prizes customers entered and won (lucky-draw, etc.)
    • (4)To produce, present or inform about regular publication, books, digital contents, e-mail, various membership services and other services (including cases where promotional products or programs includes images of crowds in which individuals can be identified).
    • (5)To recruit for participants for various events, and surveys, and report on the result of such recruitments
    • (6)To capture the usage status of services and websites to deliver information from companies and organization including J:COM that are beneficial to customers
    • (7)Other usages based on contracts and rules regarding services provided by J:COM Groups
    • The personal information acquired for the purposes (3),(4) and (5) are directly managed by JJupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. and are handled as the personal information subject to disclosure. The personal information subject to disclosure is information which J:COM is authorized to respond to a request from the customer to disclose, correct, add and delete.
  2. J:COM group companies, in addition to the provision of services, conduct survey to improve the existing services or develop new services.
    We may request for personal information within the scope of purpose of delivering the survey and gratitude for participation.
  3. J:COM group companies, in addition to the above, acquire, use and manage information that is disclosed publicly, learned through our operation, or received from external entities. When we are to use information that can be considered as personal information for our business operation, we comply with JISQ15001:2006 and take appropriate measures.The main usage purposes are for J:COM service promotion and above item 1.
  4. Jupiter Telecommunications may share the personal information in order to manage and operate J:COM services. The share usage are described below.
    • (1)Personal Information Items to be Shared
      Name, company name, company address, company department, title, company phone, fax number, and mail address
    • (2)Sharing Entities
      • Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd.
      • Jupiter Entertainment Co., Ltd.
      • Jupiter Golf Network Co., Ltd.
      • Discovery Japan, Inc.
      • Channel Ginga Co., Ltd.
      • JSPORTS Corporation
      • Asmik Ace, Inc.
      • Nihon Eiga Satellite Broadcasting Corporation
    • (3)Usage Purposes
      Advertising, PR, and sales activities for cable operators, etc.
    • (4)Acquisition Method
      In accordance with the acquisition method of sharing companies
    • (5)Person Responsible for Management of Shared Personal Information Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. personal information manager

Provisioning of Personal Information to a Third Party

  1. We do not provide the registered personal information to a third party without consensus of the customer. Even in the case we are delivering what we believe is useful information for customers in lieu of external companies or organization, we do not provide personal information to such entities without consensus of the customers.
  2. However, when a customer requests for information delivery, service delivery, product-order, participation, contact, or mediation, or applies for an exhibition or seminar related to the external company or organization, we may provide personal information to such entity.
  3. When provisioning is required by laws, based on the contracts or rules related to our services, or is judged reasonable in order to protect and guard the customer's rights, properties and safety, we may provide the personal information.
  4. When we commission the handling of personal information to an external contractor, we select the contractor that meets sufficient standards for personal information protection based on our established selection criteria and place obligation on the contractor not to leak personal information by a contract.When we are commissioned to handle personal information by an external operator, we strictly manage the commissioned personal information and use within the contracted scope.

Management of Personal Information

We implement severe security measures to prevent loss, misuse, or alteration of personal information.
We review the security measures as the technology advances to facilitate assured environment to prepare against fraudulent accesses to personal information.

Disclosure, Correction, Addition, Deletion of Personal Information

  1. We manage customers' personal information in the status that is as correct and up-to-date as we can. When customer request, we disclose, correct, add, or delete the registered information. However, when the request falls under the following, such request may be rejected partially or entirely. There is a possible damage to the lives, bodies, assets, and other rights and benefits of the customer or a third party.
    When it is in violation of laws.
  2. When a customer requests for disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of the personal information we own, we request for presentation of one of the following documents to confirm the identity of the customer.
    • driver's license
    • health insurance card
    • passport
    • or any other document that enables identity confirmation
  3. For every customer's request to disclose of the personal information we own or notify usage purpose, we charge 1,000 JPY (excluding tax) as a handling charge.

Service Provided on Website

  1. Collection of access logs
    We are recording information of a customer who has accessed to our website in the form of access log. The access log includes customer's IP address, the type of browser used, and date and time of access but no information that can specify an individual. The access log is for statistical analysis of website usage, and discovery of fraud accesses or other system monitoring activities, and not for any other purposes.
  2. Cookie
    As a customer uses this site, we may gather the customer's "group information" and "Cookie information".
    "Group information" is a habit, pattern and statistical information of a user group and does not identify a specific user.
    "Cookie information" is information that is transferred from the website to the user's hard disk for storage using the industry standard technology called Cookie.
    By storing selection made by the user on a specific site, Cookie improves usefulness of the Web. Cookie can identify the user's computer, but not the user himself. Most of the browsers are set to accept Cookie in a default setting. Users can set to reject Cookie; however, that may prevent sufficient use of the website.
    We use Cookie for convenience of users, but the data is stored on the customer's PC and not on our server. (We are not able see the data.)
    Use of Cookie in Behavioral Target Advertisement
    J:COM group provides behavioral targeting ad service in alliance with the following sites. We are using the Cookie created by the allied sites in order to collect the records of the customer's site visits. (No information that specifies or identifies an individual is included.)
    The Cookie collected on this site is only for the purpose of such advertising service and not for any other purpose including collection of personal information.
    Please refer to the website of individual companies for details regarding the use of Cookie, collected information, and opt-out procedure (disable Cookie to stop the distribution of such advertising service). The services on our site is available even after disabling Cookie. You can change the browser setting to invalidate Cookie. Please refer to "HELP" on your browser or inquire to browser manufacturer. However, please be aware changing this setting may disable use of some services on our web site.
  3. Links to Other Sites
    The protection of personal information on the website linked from our site is a responsibility of the linked site and we do not bear such responsibility.

Inquiry on Personal Information

Please contact the following regarding the personal information that we manage.

J:COM Customer Center
Toll-free 0120-999-000
Personal Information Manager of each J:COM companies

Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization

For proper handling of personal information and improvement of protection credibility, we are registered as "the certified operator" of "Secure Broadcasting Authorization and Research Center", an organization certified by the Minister of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as an authorized personal information protection organization stipulated in Article 37 of Act on Protection of Personal Information.

We have "Personal Information Inquiry" to handle questions and complaints from customers; however, if you have questions or complaints toward our response and require a resolution, or if you are uncertain whether we are in charge of the matter, please contact the following "Personal Information Protection Center" directly.

Secure Broadcasting Authorization and Research Center
Personal Information Protection Center
Phone Number:03-5213-4714