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 March 24, 2014 Broadcast service outage due to new channel launch
 February 21, 2014 Service Outage due to the launch of HD Broadcasting and Maintenance
 June. 21, 2013  J:COM TV Channel Lineup (English version) is available now. To download, click the orange button above. 

J:COM's Four Services

TV better than TV! | J:COM TV Digital

Choose your favorite program, whether it is terrestrial digital, broadcast satellite (BS), or communications satellite (CS). A single unit for viewing and recording! The very popular High Definition Record (HDR).
View the program you want to watch 24 hours anytime, available on demand.

Fixed telephone with low basic charges | J:COM PHONE

Low calling and option charges!
Keep the same telephone number. No installation fee required.

Secure, safe Internet | J:COM NET

Extensive free options and security services.
A dedicated telephone number provides troubleshooting for subscribers.