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J:COM GAS supplied by Tokyo Gas J:COM GAS supplied by Tokyo Gas

J:COM GAS Supplied by Osaka Gas J:COM GAS Supplied by Osaka Gas

J:COM GAS supplied by Keiyo Gas J:COM GAS supplied by Keiyo Gas

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Gas supply and safety work remain the same!

Gas supply and security services are handled by Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, and Keiyo Gas for each area, so quality remains the same. Even if you switch to J:COM GAS, you can still use gas safely and securely.

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No switching procedure required!

Applying is easy! No switching procedure required!

Please feel free to contact us or apply by phone or online.

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With J:COM, you can pay utility bills such as gas and electricity, as well as fixed costs such as communication costs, all at once, making household budget management smoother.

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With J:COM, your gas, TV, internet, phone, and electricity payments are consolidated and convenient.

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  • If you are using propane gas or all electric, you cannot apply for "J:COM GAS".
  • Matters such as the expiration or suspension of services such as points used by the gas retailer may occur.

[About gas set discount]

  • The discount will be applied to J:COM service usage fee for the month following the completion of the "Gas Set" switch.
  • If the service is changed or canceled during the discount period, the discount will end.
  • Not applicable for J:COM NET Hikari (N).

[Smart OTOKU Plan 320/ Smart OTOKU Plan Flex 320 Terms and Conditions]

  1. Continuous use for 2 years (1 year for collective housing) (same name, same line/automatic renewal).
  2. If the above conditions are no longer met, a contract cancellation fee of 4,500 yen (4,950 yen (tax included)) will be required.
  3. Only 1 TV and 1 NET line per contract.
  • NHK reception fee is not included in the usage fee.
  • The above contract conditions also apply to gas sets.
  • As of July 2022

[About J:COM GAS (hereinafter referred to as this service)]

  • Basic charges will be incurred even if gas is not used.
  • For details such as fees, please refer to the individual terms and conditions specified separately.
  • This service is only available for residences using city gas 13A within the Tokyo Gas service area. If you are using propane gas or all-electric, you cannot switch to this service.
  • If less than one year has passed since the date of cancellation of this service, it may not be possible to renew the contract with the same demand location and the same details.

[About “J:COM DENRYOKU Home Course” (hereinafter referred to as “this service”)]

  • The basic charge will be charged even if you do not use electricity.
  • For details on fees, etc., please refer to the "Subscription Contract Agreement Price List III".
  • Since this service uses the transmission and distribution lines of general power transmission and distribution companies, power outages will also occur in the event of unavoidable circumstances such as power outages in the vicinity or other natural disasters.
  • J:COM DENRYOKU service area is the area under the jurisdiction of Hokkaido Electric Power, Tohoku Electric Power, Tokyo Electric Power, Kansai Electric Power, Chugoku Electric Power, and Kyushu Electric Power (excluding some remote islands).
  • You may not be able to switch to or continue with this service depending on the area in which you live and the content of your current contract.

[Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law regarding J:COM GAS /" J:COM DENRYOKU Home Course" (hereinafter referred to as each service)]

  • About cooling-off:
    1. If you notify us in writing or electronically by the day 8 days have passed from the date of receipt of the "Explanation of Important Matters Regarding J:COM Service Subscription" given at the time of contracting each service, we will accept the provision contract for each service. You can cancel it. We will notify you of the start date (switching date) of each service at a later date.
    2. If each service has already started to be provided to the customer, the Company will bear the costs related to the cancellation of this service.
  • For customers who request it, we will separately send a document or electronic data containing the full text of the display based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.


  • Except for the application of discounts, construction costs, handling fees, initial costs, etc. are required for the use, cancellation, and service changes of each service.
  • Price plans other than long-term contract plans (no automatic renewal or contract cancellation fee) are also available.
  • Discount details are subject to change without notice.
  • All illustrations are images.

[About the amount including tax]

  • Consumption tax differences may occur due to changes in the consumption tax rounding method under the invoice system.