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Regarding the use of cookie information, advertisement distribution, etc.

About access data

Our company (JCOM Corporation) collects information about customers who access the websites and apps of J:COM Group companies (hereinafter referred to as this site) (such as the customer's IP address and the type of browser they are using). , access date and time, connection information including access source URL, viewing information of J:COM Group companies' websites and applications, codes to identify customers such as personal IDs, and all other information regarding customers. (hereinafter referred to as "access data"). Access data may be transmitted to companies that provide data collection and analysis services. Additionally, access data may include information that can identify individuals. Regardless of the presence or absence of personal information, access data is used for purposes such as statistical analysis of website usage status, system audits to detect unauthorized access, etc., and for the purposes described in "Handling of access data and cookies" below. We will use it.

About cookies

As customers use this site, we may collect their "aggregate information" and "cookie information" for site operation. “Aggregate Information” is the habits, usage patterns, and statistical information of a group of users and does not identify any particular user.
"Cookie Information" is information that a website transfers to your computer's hard disk for record-keeping purposes using cookie technology, an industry standard technology.
Cookies can make the web more useful by storing information about the choices you make on a particular site. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. Users can choose to refuse cookies, but in this case they may not be able to take full advantage of the website.

Handling of access data and cookies

This site uses access data, cookie information, and the results of its analysis for the following purposes.

①Marketing analysis
② Improving the quality of our services (not limited to this site)
③Displaying information that is considered useful for each customer

The following tools are mainly used for the above purposes: Please check the provider's website for information on how to handle the acquired information and how to stop sending information to the tool (opt-out).

In addition, for our marketing analysis, the customer's website usage status acquired by Google Analytics is linked to the following companies. Please check the website of each company regarding the handling of information.

Advertisement distribution by advertisement distributors using cookies

The Group has partnered with the following sites to provide behavioral targeting advertising services. At that time, we use cookies created by partner sites to collect customer site visit history information. As a result, when a customer visits a site that displays an advertising space of an affiliated company below, the customer's browser may send "history of visiting this site" information to the affiliated company. (However, it does not include any information that identifies or identifies an individual customer.)
Cookies recorded by this site are used only for the purpose of providing this advertising service.
If you would like to know more about the explanation about the use of the cookie, the information to be acquired, and the opt-out procedure (to invalidate the cookie and stop the delivery of this advertisement service), please refer to the websites of the following companies. Please confirm. Even after disabling cookies, you can continue to use the services of this site.

We are not responsible for the protection of personal information on third-party websites linked to this website, so please check the privacy policy of the linked website.

In addition, in order to display and distribute various information (including advertisements) that our company deems useful to customers, we anonymize customer information linked to J:COM Personal ID so that individuals cannot be identified. We may provide this information to our group companies. If you wish to refuse the provision (opt-out), please refer to the page below.

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