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J:COM has been working with customers and local communities through its broadcasting and communications businesses under its corporate philosophy of "Let's touch people's hearts even more. Let's support people's lives even more. Let's open up tomorrow and the future." As a company that provides a wide range of services, we will continue to solve environmental and social issues and create new value, connecting the sustainable global environment and society to the next generation.

Sustainability Management Policy

In order to achieve both environmental and social sustainability and sustainable business growth, we have established a sustainability management policy as a management policy that we should be aware of. To realize our corporate philosophy, we will practice J:COM WAY on a daily basis and implement sustainability management and our medium-term management plan in an integrated manner.

Sustainability Management Policy

Management policies that we should be aware of in order to balance environmental and social sustainability with sustainable business growth

1Corporate responsibility

We are mindful of the global environment and will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, while also fulfilling our responsibilities to society as a company engaged in a variety of businesses, including broadcasting and communications.

2Customers, local communities, and society

We anticipate changes in the world and leverage the power of innovation to create new value in our customers' lives and deliver dreams and excitement.
We also contribute to the development of prosperous communities and societies where everyone can live in peace.

3Employee and family well-being

We will create a corporate culture of mutual respect and a work environment where each individual can demonstrate their capabilities in their own way, and realize the well-being of our employees and their families, who are the source of our value creation.

4Corporate ethics and sustainable growth

We adhere to high ethical standards and social common sense, and adhere to compliance, while aiming for sustainable growth through sound business activities.

Materiality (important issues)

As a company that supports the enrichment of our customers' lives, we will contribute to sustainable local communities and the global environment that serves as the foundation for these communities, targeting all people involved. Taking into account our impact on society and indicators from external evaluation organizations, we have redefined four materialities and more specific sub-materialities for 2023. We will continue to promote sustainability management through our business activities.

Materiality of "Life"

We create a calm and safe life.
Good health and well-being for all
Build a foundation for industry and innovation
Creating a city where people can continue to live

Based on our corporate philosophy of "Let's touch people's hearts even more. Let's support people's lives even more. Let's pave the way for tomorrow and the future," we aim to provide our customers with a comfortable and moving lifestyle. We will achieve comfortable and prosperous lifestyles through a variety of business activities, including new services that are easy to understand and can be used by everyone, always and in the future, and inspiring entertainment, by being close to our customers.

Materiality of "Local Communities"

We will act to keep our city shining.
Good health and well-being for all
Quality education for all
Job satisfaction and economic growth
Creating a city where people can continue to live
Achieve your goals with partnerships

As a company that works hand in hand with the local community, we connect people with each other, and people with the community, and together we solve the problems facing local communities. We contribute to creating towns where everyone can live safely and securely, supporting the next generation, and fostering local education and culture, in order to pass on a sustainable society to future generations.

Materiality of the "global environment"

We realize an earth-friendly and green future.
Affordable and clean energy
Responsibility to make, Responsibility to use
Take concrete action against climate change
Let's protect the richness of the sea
Let's protect the richness of the land

Solving global environmental problems is a common challenge for everyone on the planet. As a member of society, J:COM takes global issues seriously and seeks to solve them through its business activities. It also communicates its efforts to tackle environmental issues to society and calls for action, ensuring a prosperous earth for the future.

The materiality of "people"

We aim to be a company where all employees can work energetically.
Let's achieve gender equality
Job satisfaction and economic growth
End inequality between people and countries

We promote well-being to create a society where everyone is valued and can continue to shine as they are. We respect diverse personalities and values regardless of generation, gender, nationality, etc., and by allowing each person to demonstrate their abilities in their own way, we will contribute to the development of our customers and society.

Promotion indicators and systems

We identify materiality (important issues) for solving social issues and realizing a sustainable society, and set and promote specific targets for their realization.

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