Charm 1 Find a plan that suits you by combining a wide range of services! Find a plan that suits you by combining a wide range of services!
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Showing you what you want
Enjoy a wide variety of channels and popular internet videos on the big screen of your TV! With easy operation, you can find what you and your family want to see.
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Get Hi Speed Internet at Your Home
At a reasonable price, you can use high-speed internet comfortably and crisply anywhere in your home.
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Continuous savings
Simple and affordable price plans. Furthermore, if you subscribe with a set of eligible J:COM services, your monthly data amount will also increase!
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Rest assured that the quality remains the same
If you use J:COM 's other services, your payments will be consolidated and convenient. We also have an earth-friendly green menu.
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A landline phone that’s easy on a household budget
Long-distance calls can be made with peace of mind with Landline offers reasonable basic charges and calling charges.
You can talk a lot with your family and friends!
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Save even more by bundling
Save money by combining J:COM services. You can use it safely and securely without sacrificing quality.
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Comprehensive compensation and support
This insurance covers smartphone repair costs, lawyer fees for internet troubles, and compensation for damage to your property due to natural disasters at a reasonable premium.
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Your home becomes a hospital or clinic
You can receive a medical examination on your smartphone or TV without having to go to a medical institution. You can also pick up your prescribed medicine at home.
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Make your life safer and more convenient
With easy-to-install security cameras for safe monitoring and HOME packs that allow you to control home appliances with voice or an app, you can make your current life safer and more convenient!
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Let's find J:COM!
Combining a wide range of services
For a comfortable life that suits you!
Study, work, and private life are fulfilled with smartphones and the Internet that you use every day.
No need to worry about monthlydata usage
Enjoy SNS and entertainment content
with high speed internet
Online classes are also
Remote meetings, safe
online classes, remote meetings
also safe

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Rich entertainment and high-speed internet make family time at home more fulfilling and safe
Enjoy unlimited entertainment!
Of course, there is plenty of content for children as well.
Fast internet throughout the house with family
In preparation for network troubles,
Peace of mind with insurance

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Community-based Connected Communities Community-based Connected Communities
on the original channel
Communicating the charm of the region

From Hokkaido to Kyushu, we provide information that is ``necessary now'' in each region on two original free channels: ``J:Tele'' and ` J:COM Channel.''
The number of households that can watch is expanding to 14.03 million households nationwide! (as of the end of December 2021) Learn more about community channels
J: Tele J:COM Channel
To the disaster that you do not know when it will happen
Community-based support

To prepare for disasters, we conduct disaster drills in collaboration with local governments and citizens, and carry out various support activities for people in affected areas.

With J:COM, every day is full of fun!

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  • J:COM × NETFLIX If you want to watch Netflix on TV, click here for J:COM recommended works
  • Application & Participation Free! event gift
  • Plenty of information such as preferential prices Subscriber benefits
  • If you want to use J:COM conveniently! Fees/Support/Program List "MY J:COM" all in one app Recommended programs Troubleshooting Presents Usage fees Procedures

Customer feedback

  • Decisive is strong
    Customer service

    courteous customer service was the decisive factor in the contract. Our employees and workers come directly to our homes to discuss contracts and install equipment, so we can continue to work with peace of mind.

  • in case of emergency
    Local information would be helpful

    Local disaster information is faster than NHK and the Internet Meteorological Agency. again, State of rivers and flooding of main roads It is also very helpful because it will be delivered as a live video.

  • I can hear this and that
    good shop window

    after all there is a shop nearby So, when I'm unsure about whether or not I should join a new company, I go directly to the store and ask, "What kind of service is good for this place?" You can ask them over the phone, but when you think "What?" but Thank you for thinking with me until I realized it was a storefront. .

  • collective procedure

    TV, internet as well as electricity etc. Services throughout life can receive One-stop procedure for moving, etc. It is convenient to be able to

  • Customer center response

    I contacted the customer center and the process from consultation to construction and opening was very smooth and the response was excellent. I am also satisfied with the quality of J:COM LINK and the internet line.

  • no antenna required

    The internet line is stable, and the TV content is Community-based "J Tele" And so on. No need to install an antenna and the appearance of the house is neat Did.


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If you are considering signing up or adding services

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