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Corporate Philosophy

To realize our corporate philosophy of "Let's touch people's hearts more. Let's support people's lives more. Let's open up tomorrow and the future," we practice J:COM WAY, our cherished values and guidelines for action, every day as a matter of course, and aim to achieve sustainable growth by integrally implementing "sustainability management" to strengthen our management foundation and our "medium-term management plan" as a growth strategy.

Top Message

By embodying “あたらしいを、あたりまえに~Atarashiio, Atarimaeni ~
 (Something New as the New Norm)”
J:COM creates a future with continuous enrichment for our customers and local communities

Chairman of the Board, Representative Director 
Bin Haga

President, Representative Director
Yoichi Iwaki

J:COM The "Let's make more of our hearts resonate. Let's support people's lives more. Let's open up tomorrow and the future. Under this corporate philosophy, since its establishment in 1995, the company has developed services that support people's daily lives, including cable television, Internet, Landline, and mobile services, as a community-based broadcasting and telecommunications operator. We also deliver a diverse range of visual content from Japan and abroad through our visual entertainment business, which includes the production and distribution of movies and programs. Through these businesses, we believe that our mission is to enhance the value we provide to our customers and create a better society and future through continuous improvement and original and creative efforts on a daily basis.
As the environment and society around us undergoes drastic changes, we are required to act now so that future generations can live with peace of mind. Through sustainability management that balances environmental and social sustainability with sustainable business growth, we will fulfill our responsibility to society through the development of our diverse businesses, including broadcasting and telecommunications.
In addition, in order to contribute to the resolution and development of local issues through our business with even greater speed and to become a company that grows together with local communities, we will continue to take on the challenge of realizing our brand message “あたらしいを、あたりまえに~Atarashiio, Atarimaeni ~ (Something New as the New Norm)” as a united group.
We look forward to your continued support for the J:COM group.

Chairman of the Board, Representative DirectorBin Haga
President, Representative DirectorYoichi Iwaki

Corporate Philosophy System

Our corporate philosophy, J:COM WAY, sustainability management policy, and medium-term management plan are things that employees should be aware of and practice, while our corresponding brand message, materiality, and vision for 2030 are promises to all stakeholders.
In addition, the company's universal and conceptual corporate philosophy is positioned at the top, its long-term sustainability management policy at the middle, and its medium- and short-term specific plans at the bottom, with the relationships between them clearly indicated.

Corporate Philosophy

A vision that all Group employees can rely on


"Let's be more inspiring. Let's be more supportive. Let's be a pioneer for tomorrow, the future."

"Let it touch your heart" includes the following:
We will continue to evolve ourqualityentertainment andservices to deliver moving experiencesthat will shake your heart.
Our goalis to bring youlittlejoys andnewdiscoveriesevery day.
At the same time, it also expressesour desireto communicateour honestserviceto people's hearts, and to resonatewithpeople andsociety.

"Let's support life" is
From helping yousolvesmall problems to supportingyour lifeinvarious areas,
He statedhis determinationtobecome an indispensablepartof everyday life.

Wewill continue tomake small improvements and engage in original andcreativeendeavors.
We promise to build on the value we providetodayandtomorrowandto "open up" abetterfuture.


The values and guidelines we hold dear in order to realize our corporate philosophy


<Guideline of Conduct


  • In order to pave the way for a better future, we will take on the challenge of creating new value with high aspirations and a sense of urgency.
  • We will continue to make improvements every day and constantly bring about change.

❷ Value everyone

  • We respect all people, including our customers, partners and employees.
  • We will always be grateful and behave with sincerity and humility.

❸ Being close to customers

  • We respond quickly and flexibly, keeping in mind that there are customers on the other side of every task.
  • We listen to our customers, use our imagination, and create and deliver value that is one step ahead of the rest.

❹ Connecting the community

  • We connect people through various communities, including local ones.
  • We will deepen our relationships with the community and create new value together.

❺ Meeting society's expectations

  • By providing stable services 365 days a year, each and every one of us will think and act with the aim of creating a safe and secure society.
  • With a broad perspective and rich ideas, we bring excitement and color to society.

❻ J:COM Pride /
Pride and Responsibility of Each Individual

  • As a member of J:COM, we will take pride and responsibility, strive to improve ourselves, and act autonomously.
  • We will be aware that we are representatives of the company, adhere to compliance, and act with high ethical standards.

❼ One Team Spirit

  • We grow as a team by respecting each individual's individuality, supporting each other, and drawing out each other's strengths.
  • The team sets clear goals and strategies for itself and sees them through to the end.

Brand Message

Represents the value we promise to our customers

J:COM takes new things for granted

J:COM believes that new technologies and services will take the future a little further

and that the world will be a little happier when such new future becomes everybody's norm.

That's what J:COMthinks.

That's why I want to create it.

regardless of whether it is on TV or the Internet; a service that supports peace 

of mind and comfort in the digital era; and a future where new things are no longer difficult things.

We believe that we can do this because we have valued our connection with each and every customer through

 providing support in daily life,  such as TV entertainment, telecommunications, electricity, and gas.​​​​​​​​

J:COM will make new excitement and happiness as the new norm for everybody.

Making the new a norm
~Our Initiatives~

In order to support the comfortable lives of our customers and contribute to local communities, we would like to introduce J:COM 's activities that strive to make “あたらしいを、あたりまえに~Atarashiio, Atarimaeni ~ (Something New as the New Norm)”

Our Initiatives 2023 (Compilation)

(" Atarashiio Atarimaeni-our efforts 2023"playback time: 3:00)

#1 Supporting our services with reliable technical capabilities

(" “あたらしいを、あたりまえに~Atarashiio, Atarimaeni ~ (Something New as the new norm)” ~ Our efforts ~ # 1 Supporting services with reliable technology"Playing time: 1:30)

#2 Be close to customers

(" “あたらしいを、あたりまえに~Atarashiio, Atarimaeni ~ (Something New as the new norm)” ~ Our efforts ~ # 2 Close to customers"playback time: 1:30)

#3 Meeting local expectations

(" “あたらしいを、あたりまえに~Atarashiio, Atarimaeni ~ (Something New as the new norm)” ~ Our efforts ~ # 3 Responding to local expectations"Playing time: 1:30)

#4 Commitment to Innovation

(“ Atarashiio Atarimaeni ~ Our efforts ~ # 4 Initiatives for Innovation”Playback time: 1:30)

Evolution of J:COM 's logo and brand message

J:COM was established in January 1995 as Jupiter Telecom Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Sumitomo Corporation and TCI of the United States (currently Liberty Global, Inc. of the United States). The company name is derived from the Roman mythology's all-knowing and all-powerful god "Jupiter" and the largest planet in the solar system, so the logo is also based on Jupiter. In 2000, upon merging with Titus Communications, the second largest company in the cable television industry at the time, the brand name was changed to "J-COM Broadband," and in 2005, the brand name was changed to "J:COM." did.
In 2010, KDDI Corporation participated in management. KDDI and Sumitomo Corporation became the largest shareholders, and in April 2014, it merged with Japan Cable Net (JCN), the second largest company in the industry. As a new J:COM, we have established a new corporate philosophy, ``Let's touch more hearts. Let's support people's lives more. Let's open up tomorrow and the future.'' We have changed our brand slogan to ``Let's resonate more with you.'' "It was made.
In July 2021, the company name was changed to "JCOM Co., Ltd." and the brand message was changed to “あたらしいを、あたりまえに~Atarashiio, Atarimaeni ~ (Something New as the New Norm)”
Following the ": (colon)" in "J:COM", which has the meaning of connecting or linking two things, J:COM always stays close to our customers and local communities, and strives to bring new excitement and happiness to everyone. I want to make it a daily routine.

Chronology of changes in J:COM 's logo and brand message

Our Vision for 2030

What we want to achieve by 2030

A partner that advances the happiness of daily life and the richness of the community.

The joy of living.
It is the joy that comes from convenience, comfort and security in everyday life.
The fun and excitement that comes from encountering fascinating entertainment.

The richness of the region.
Each region has its own unique characteristics, nurtured by its history and culture.
The area will become even more lively, and the lives of the people who live there will improve.
It's going to be a fulfilling experience.

We will evolve the "joy of living" and "richness of the community."
Together with each and every customer and local community,
We will pave the way for a better future.

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