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Information Security Policy (ISMS)

JCOM Co., Ltd., J:COM Sapporo Co., Ltd., J:COM Saitama East Japan Co., Ltd., Tsuchiura Cable Television Co., Ltd., J:COM Chiba Co., Ltd., J:COM Tokyo Co., Ltd., J:COM Shonan Co., Ltd., Kanagawa Co., Ltd., J:COM West Co., Ltd., Cable Net Shimonoseki Co., Ltd., J:COM Kyushu Co., Ltd., Oita Cable Telecom Co.,Ltd. Co., Ltd., and YOKOHAMA CABLE VISION Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company Group") are engaged in the cable television broadcasting business and telecommunications business through the overall management of cable television stations, as well as the cable television station and In carrying out corporate activities such as supervising the program supply business for digital satellite broadcasting, we utilize information assets unique to our group and are entrusted with many information assets from our customers. We recognize this as our social mission and an important management issue related to the survival of our company.
By establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving an ISMS (Information Security Management System), we will appropriately protect and manage information assets that are important to our business, and gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers through our group business. We aim to become a company.

Information Security Basic Policy

1. Definition of information security

Information security is defined as maintaining the "confidentiality", "integrity" and "availability" of information.

2. Responsibilities and authority related to ISMS

The Group defines and promotes roles and responsibilities related to management representatives and ISMS.
All employees of the Group are obliged to understand this basic policy and cooperate in the promotion of ISMS.

3. Initiatives for ISMS

The Group regards information security as one of its important management issues, reviews risk assessment (risk identification, analysis, evaluation, countermeasures, and understanding of residual risks), and affects the core business of the Group. We will strive to ensure business continuity through risk response and review.

4. Compliance

The Group will carry out its business in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and contractual obligations.
As a matter of course, we will comply with the company work rules and company rules (code of conduct).

5. Thorough Security Education/Training and Awareness Education

In order to improve the importance and awareness of information security, our group regularly provides security education/training and awareness education to all employees. Detectors of information security problems are obliged to promptly report from the event (abnormal) stage including the possibility of occurrence.

6. Compliance Obligations and Penalties

Employees of the Group act in accordance with ISMS-related documents in order to maintain this information security policy. It clearly states that violations will be subject to penalties.

7. Business Continuity Management

We will strive to ensure business continuity even against threats such as serious accidents including disasters.

Information security purposes

The Group's ISMS protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information by applying a risk management process, and operates business activities based on "trust" that risks are appropriately managed. increase.

Information security goals

In order to achieve information security policies and objectives, we will set goals for maintaining and improving the effectiveness of management measures and raising awareness and awareness of information security, and realize an effective ISMS.

Established on February 1, 2022
Revised on December 1, 2023

JCOM Co., Ltd.
President, Representative Director Yoichi Iwaki

Information Security Policy (ISMS)

JCOM Corporation, J:COM Tokyo Headquarters, J:COM Saitama/East Japan Headquarters, J:COM Chiba Headquarters, J:COM Shonan/Kanagawa Headquarters, J:COM West Headquarters, and J:COM Kyushu Headquarters have strengthened their security measures. As part of this, we acquired ISO/IEC 27001:2013/JIS Q 27001:2014 certification, an international standard for information security management systems (ISMS), as of May 26, 2022.

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