What is J:COM HOME?

You can use the security camera pack for single-family homes, which allows you to easily install security measures for your home, and the HOME pack, which allows you to operate home appliances from outside by simply installing and configuring a dedicated terminal.
It can be easily operated with a dedicated app, making your current life safer and more convenient.

Service introduction

security camera pack

We can also install and configure security cameras for single-family homes. We provide reliable security with easy operation from your smartphone.

HOME pack

You can control home appliances by voice when you can't let go of your hands, turn on the lights and air conditioner before you get home, and control home appliances.

J:COM HOME Reasons why we recommend it

Reason 1

at an affordable price
Peace of mind security
New security camera to protect your home!

Reliable security at an affordable price New security cameras to protect your home!
Reason 2

voice or app
Add security, convenience and fun to your life

Add security, convenience, and fun to your life with voice and apps
Reason 3

Settings and installation
Leave it to J:COM

Leave the settings and installation to J:COM

What you can do at J:COM HOME

security camera pack

Easy installation and safe monitoring

Simply install it in front of your entrance or in a blind spot in your home to increase the deterrent effect.

HOME pack

Support for pet answering machines

Check on your pet at home using the camera from outside.

HOME pack

Control home appliances with voice

You can easily operate home appliances such as turning lights on and off with your voice.


I would like to know the flow up to the start of use.

Information about the HOME pack can be found here.

Click here for information on security camera packs.

Information on other services such as TV, NET, and PHONE can be found here.

Can I sign a contract no matter where I live in Japan?

J:COM HOME is a service that can only be subscribed to by customers living within J:COM 's service area. Those outside the service area cannot apply.
Please note.

What should I do if a problem occurs after joining?

We provide telephone support, on-site support, and website support.

support site

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outdoor network camera

We will deliver various information related to J:COM HOME.

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