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AM9:00-PM6:00【연중무휴】/통역 있음

Ứng dụng / Yêu cầu

Ứng dụng / Yêu cầu
AM9:00-PM6:00【mở cửa quanh năm】/có phiên dịch


AM9:00-PM6:00【aberto todo o ano】/com intérprete

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By combining a wealth of optional services according to your purpose and lifestyle, you can customize it even more for ease of use.

Unlimited calls pack

970 yen per month (1,067 yen including tax)

Unlimited calls

Calls up to 10 minutes
Free as many times as you like

option pack

4 optional services
Use together

Applicable call destinations: Domestic subscriber phones / calls to mobile phones / calls to IP phones

option name content Monthly usage fee
option pack Four optional services (caller number display, call waiting, call waiting number display, caller ID request) can be used together. 500 yen per month (550 yen including tax)
  Caller ID display *1 Displays the phone number of the called party. 400 yen per month (440 yen including tax)
call waiting You can answer incoming calls while you are on a call. 300 yen per month (330 yen including tax)
Interrupt number display *2 Displays the numbers of incoming calls from others during a call. 100 yen per month (110 yen including tax)
Caller ID notification request *3 Automatically respond to call back with number notification to the other party whose number is not notified. 200 yen per month (220 yen including tax)
Call forwarding * 4 If you receive an incoming call while you are out, it will be forwarded to a preset phone number. 500 yen per month (550 yen including tax)
nuisance call
auto block
Based on the list of nuisance phone numbers, it automatically rejects incoming nuisance calls such as scams and solicitations.
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300 yen per month (330 yen including tax)

★You will be required to submit your identity verification documents for the procedure. For details, please contact the Customer Center.

Customer support

Can be checked and set on the web
My au (former: au Customer Support)

You can easily check your contract details and change service settings from your own web screen.

  • "My au" can be used from the day following the service opening date.

My au (former: au Customer Support)
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What you can do with My au (former au Customer Support)

Confirmation of contract details

Confirmation of contract details regarding J:COM PHONE Plus

Optional service settings

Various settings and changes such as call forwarding and automatic blocking of nuisance calls

Call details inquiry

J:COM PHONE Plus call details inquiry (past 3 months excluding current month)

  • Compatible phone required.
  • A contract for "Call Waiting" and "Calling Number Display" and a compatible phone are required.
  • A contract for "calling number display" is required.
  • Identity verification is required for the procedure. *No-response forwarding is not available.
  • Service specifications may vary depending on the area and building.
  • J:COM PHONE Plus is an IP phone service that uses the latest VoIP technology.
Unlimited calls pack
  • A set of "Unlimited calls" and "option pack". Contracts for "Unlimited calls" only are not possible.
  • A separate contract handling fee of 3,300 yen (tax included) [3,080 yen (tax included) for the Kyushu and Yamaguchi areas]/line is required.
  • If the contract period is less than one month and the contract is canceled, one month's usage fee (including consumption tax equivalent) must be paid.
  • If you are already a J:COM PHONE Plus subscriber and apply, the ``Option Pack'' will apply from the day after the application date, and the `` Unlimited calls'' will apply from the month following the application date.
  • Not available for corporate customers.
Unlimited calls
  • Calls to domestic subscriber phones, mobile phones, and IP phones within 10 minutes are free of charge.
  • Some services are not covered by free calls, such as international calls, navigation dials, directory assistance (104).
About automatic nuisance call blocking
  • A nuisance call is a phone number accumulated in the Tobira Systems Inc. nuisance call number list (numbers provided by the police, user's refusal registration number, Tobira Systems Inc.'s own investigation number).
  • Tobira Systems Co., Ltd. is the only company in Japan that provides a nuisance phone number list in cooperation with the police.

[About the amount including tax]

  • Consumption tax differences may occur due to changes in the consumption tax rounding method under the invoice system.