Recording function

Recording hard disk (J:COM LINK only)

Recording hard disk (J:COM LINK only)

If you have a hard disk, you can record and play programs in the same way as a recorder. You won't miss a hot drama or a movie you want to see again.

If you download the recorded programs to your smartphone or tablet in advance, you can watch them on the go.
Even if you are busy, you can record the TV of the future as you wish.

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Specialized channels can be enjoyed on the second TV

You can fully enjoy the specialized channels that you have subscribed to on the first TV on the second TV. *1 *2

You can watch recorded programs

You can enjoy programs recorded on the first TV on the second TV. Of course, you can also reserve recordings from J:COM LINK mini. ※1※2

Enjoy online videos

Enjoy online videos such as J:COM STREAM and Netflix on your big TV screen!

You can use it for 500 yen per month (550 yen including tax).

J:COM tablet

Galaxy Tab A

Galaxy Tab A

As a second TV, the whole family can enjoy.
Download recorded programs to make your spare time more enjoyable.
There are also plenty of functions that children can enjoy with peace of mind.


If you are considering signing up or adding services

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If you are considering signing up or adding services

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Applications and Inquiries


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Find the perfect
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Some properties offer free or discounted options!

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What programs can I watch?

J:COM TV offers three plans to choose from. "J:COM TV Shin Standard" allows you to enjoy J:COM's video streaming with carefully selected specialty channels and Paramount+, which has arrived in Japan for the first time. "J:COM TV Flex" is a set of Netflix, Disney+, and specialized channels. We offer “J:COM TV Select,” which allows you to choose one of the 8 packs of channels you want to watch, as well as plans tailored to your needs.

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Can I watch on multiple TVs?

If you are signing up for J:COM TV for the first time, or if you are currently using a service other than J:COM TV and are signing up for J:COM TV additionally, you will receive terrestrial digital/ BS digital TV on your TV in your home. We will provide up to 3 dedicated set-top boxes (Smart J:COM Box) free of charge.

  • CS broadcasts cannot be viewed using the free additional TV tuner device.
  • If you would like to watch CS broadcasts on multiple TVs, please contact us via chat or phone.
Can I record programs?

Programs can be recorded through the TV tuner equipment installed by J:COM. By connecting an external HDD or external recorder device, you can record up to 2 programs.

Do I need a TV antenna?

There’s no need to install a TV antenna to use the J:COM TV service.
Broadcasts are received in bulk at J:COM and delivered directly to each home via cable line. By bringing a cable line into your home, you can watch terrestrial and satellite broadcasting (BS/CS) programs without installing an antenna.
At J:COM, you can also enjoy 4K broadcasting (BS/CS) with just one cable.

To watch 4K broadcasts, you will need to use a designated tuner and a 4K-compatible TV that supports HDMI2.0/HDCP2.2 standards.

Are there any video viewing services other than TV broadcasts?

At J:COM, in addition to TV broadcasting, you can enjoy four video streaming services on your big TV screen.

  • J:COM STREAM (unlimited viewing) is a video service that allows unlimited viewing in a wide range of genres such as movies, dramas, anime, and variety shows for a fixed price.
  • Netflix, the world's largest online streaming service *
  • "Disney Plus" allows you to enjoy unlimited viewing of masterpieces, popular films, and originals from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and stars. *
  • “DAZN” is a service that allows you to watch various domestic and international sports videos as live broadcasts or missed broadcasts. *
  • This is a separately paid service (registration required).
Can you configure the initial settings for me?

During installation, we will not only check the connection with your TV, remote control settings and recording settings, and check the operation of internet videos, but also provide information on how to use it.

I want to know about the support content after joining.

We offer a wide range of contact methods, from inquiries by phone or chat to guidance on our homepage with support information. In addition, by subscribing to Enkaku Support (550 yen per month (tax included)), you can receive remotely operated support from an operator.

Enkaku Support

  • 4K broadcasting is not supported.
  • Use of J:COM LINK is required.

[About the amount including tax]

  • Consumption tax differences may occur due to changes in the consumption tax rounding method under the invoice system.