hard disk for recording
(For J:COM LINK only)
3 months discount

For J:COM LINK customers only: Recording hard disk (for J:COM LINK only) Monthly usage fee of 880 yen (tax included) is 0 yen for 3 months *Includes installation month

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TV with convenient functions
more fun

in standard recording mode
about 139 hours

without worrying about capacity
Keep recording.
Enjoy your TV anytime.

While watching one program
2 programs can be recorded

In addition, from outside
Remote reservation, repeat broadcast function, etc.
It is full of useful functions.

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  • We may not be able to meet your desired schedule depending on the details of your contract, congestion, etc.

Applicable condition

overview If you subscribe to a recording hard disk (J:COM LINK only) and complete the installation, you will receive a discount on the monthly usage fee of 880 yen (tax included) for 3 months including the month of installation.
Target audience

Customers who have subscribed to a recording hard disk (dedicated to J:COM LINK) and have completed the installation work.

  • This also applies when customers using J:COM LINK add a "recording hard disk (for J:COM LINK only)" at a later date.
  • Those who change from Smart J:COM Box <with recording function> / 4K J:COM Box <model with built-in HDD> to J:COM LINK + recording hard disk (J:COM LINK exclusive) are also eligible.
  • We will discount the monthly usage fee for 3 months including the installation month. The subscription month is calculated on a daily basis.
  • Applicable only once per household.
please note
  • After the discount period ends, the regular rate will automatically renew.
  • If the service is changed during the discount period, the discount will be terminated.

[About the amount including tax]

  • Consumption tax differences may occur due to changes in the consumption tax rounding method under the invoice system.