Rich Enterteinment

In addition to delivering a variety of content such as sports, movies, and dramas through specialized channels, we provide a rich experience through video and entertainment, such as the planning and production of feature films and TV animation, as well as the planning and management of events. increase.

Specialized channel

We deliver excitement and excitement through a variety of specialized channels, including sports, movies, dramas, animations, and documentaries.

Community channel

As a community-based media, local production staff plan and produce a wide variety of information programs for each region in 70 regions nationwide.


We provide services that are easy for anyone to use, such as sports distribution that allows you to enjoy content from specialized channels, and VOD services that allow you to enjoy movies and dramas.


Centered on Asmik Ace, a subsidiary of the group, we produce a wide range of works that enrich the hearts of those who watch them, from big-boned theatrical movies to TV animations and theatrical animations.


We are developing events that can be enjoyed by a wide range of generations, including live performances and talk shows by popular artists, joint events with specialized channels, and events unique to the region in collaboration with local governments.

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