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J:COM Electric Power has revised its charges starting from April 2023.

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This is a new service for customers using J:COM DENRYOKU.

Service area:
Hokkaido Electric Power Area, Tohoku Electric Power Area, Kansai Electric Power Area, Chugoku Electric Power Area, Kyushu Electric Power Area

  • Please check the support page for subscribers for details such as conditions for joining.

Features of J:COM DENRYOKU

Reason 1

Same power grid as before
Electricity stability/
Safety remains the same!

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Rest assured that the quality remains the same!
Reason 2

Initial cost, cancellation fee,
No witness work!

No initial cost No cancellation fee No contract period No on-site construction
Reason 3

in 6 areas nationwide
put in!

Excluding some areas.

Expanding service area!

With MY J:COM app
Easy check

Electricity charges and usage
seen in the graph

You can also compare past usage by month, day, and hour, which is useful for power saving.

You can also compare past usage by month, day, and hour, which is useful for power saving.

About the app
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Complete Support

Our call center is available 365 days a year and is staffed by specialized staff. You can rest assured even when you are in trouble.

Application flow

power statement
(meter reading slip, etc.)

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What do I need when I apply?

You will need the following information to apply: (Please have your electricity bill (meter reading slip, etc.) ready.)

  • Switching company name: Electricity retailer name under contract
  • Current contract type: contract type/plan name in use
  • Subscriber name
  • Switching source business operator customer number: Customer number of the electricity retailer with whom you have a contract
  • Supply point identification number: A number that identifies the electricity supply point (22 digits)

How to check the number and contact information for each electric power company

Is interior work required when switching to "J:COM Electric Power"?

You can switch to "J:COM Electric Power" without any interior work.

Can I get J:COM electricity contract unless it comes with cable TV?

Anyone who lives within the following power company areas can apply for J:COM Electric Power alone.

  • Hokkaido Electric Power
  • Tohoku Electric Power
  • Tokyo Electric Power Company
  • Kansai Electric Power
  • Chugoku Electric Power
  • Kyushu Electric Power
Are there initial costs such as fees?

There are no initial costs such as fees or construction costs associated with subscribing to "J:COM Electric Power."

Are there any restrictions on the contract period? Will I be charged a penalty for canceling the contract?

There is no restriction on the contract period such as "two years".
You can cancel anytime without penalty.

For customers with long-term contracts that include other J:COM services, individual contract terms will apply.

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  • The discount rate varies depending on the type of contract. Also, depending on the local power company's discount campaign, account transfer discount, etc., the price merit may differ.

[About the amount including tax]

  • Consumption tax differences may occur due to changes in the consumption tax rounding method under the invoice system.