Corporate Philosophy


"Let's be more inspiring. Let's be more supportive. Let's be a pioneer for tomorrow, the future."

J:COM has established a management policy and a code of conduct (J:COM WAY) to realize our corporate philosophy. Our brand message is the value we promise to our customers and society. We will spare no effort to put these values into practice and strive for an enriched society through our services.

Management Policy

I.Our customers and local communities

Through sound business activities, we will create new value in our customers’ daily lives and deliver dreams and excitement, and contribute to realization of prosperous communities and society .

II.Sustainable growth and corporate philosophy

We will always maintain high ethical standards and social common sense, adhere to compliance, and at the same time aim to achieve sustainable growth and become an indispensable member of society.

III.Happiness of employees and their families

We are committed to creating a corporate culture of mutual respect and a work environment in which each employee can make the most of their abilities. By doing so, we will strive for the material and mental well-being of our employees and their families.

IV.Social responsibility

Being aware of our social responsibility as an operator that plays a role in the broadcasting and telecommunication industry, we will practice a truly independent management and contribute to the development of the industry.

V.Basic policy


A Code of Conduct / J:COM WA Y

1. Valuing all people

  • We respect everyone, including our customers, clients, partner companies, subsidiaries, and employees.
  • We will strive for the happiness of everyone, including ourselv es, by behaving sincerely and humbly.

2. Staying close to our custo

  • Our customers are on the far side of all our operations. We will respond to them promptly with a sense of gratitude.
  • We listen to our customers, deeply understand their needs, then deliver a value that goes one step ahead.

3. Connecting communities

  • We connect people to each other through various communities as well as the local areas.
  • We will create new value by creating and nurturing communities

4. Meeting society's expectations

  • We are committed to providing stable services 365 days a year and promise society peace of mind and safety.
  • We will create rich content and bring excitement and vibrance to society.

5.J:COM PRIDE - Pride and responsibility of each individual

  • As professionals at J:COM, we take pride and responsibility in our work and strive to improve ourselves.
  • We are aware that we are representatives of the company and will act in compliance with laws and regulations as well as with the highest ethical standards.

6. One-team spirit

  • We respect the individuality of each person, and we all work toward the same goal.
  • We grow as a team by supporting each other and drawing strength from each other.

7.Challenge for future innovation

  • We continue making small improvements every day. We also make breakthrough innovations and pursue unlimited possibilities.
  • To create new value, we do not fear change and start by trying.
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