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By embodying “あたらしいを、あたりまえに~Atarashiio, Atarimaeni ~
 (Something New as the New Norm)”
J:COM creates a future with continuous enrichment for our customers and local communities

Chairman of the Board, Representative Director 
Bin Haga

President, Representative Director
Yoichi Iwaki

J:COM has been a community-based broadcasting and communications company since its founding in 1995, based on the corporate philosophy of "Let's touch more hearts. Let's support people's lives more. Let's open up tomorrow and the future." As a business operator, we have developed services that support daily life, such as cable television, the Internet, Landline, and mobile phones. In addition, we deliver a variety of domestic and international video content through our video entertainment business, which includes the production and distribution of movies and programs.
Through these businesses, we believe that our mission is to increase the value we provide to our customers and create a better society and future by continuing to make small improvements and original and creative initiatives every day. .
As the environment surrounding us changes significantly, we aim to become a company that contributes to the resolution and development of local issues through our business and grows together with the local community with an even greater sense of speed.We have realized our brand message “あたらしいを、あたりまえに~Atarashiio, Atarimaeni ~ (Something New as the New Norm)” The entire group will continue to take on the challenge of achieving this goal.
We look forward to your continued support of J:COM Group.

Chairman of the Board, Representative DirectorBin Haga
President, Representative DirectorYoichi Iwaki

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