Commitment to growth

Centered on the broadcasting and telecommunications business, we have expanded our business domains to include the entertainment business,  lifestyle support business, advertising and data business, and are striving to maximize the value we provide. We aim to be a company where employees can grow.

J:COM 's growth vision

J:COM 's growth strategy is to solve the problems of customers and local communities through our business activities and develop together with them, and we are working to realize our brand message “あたらしいを、あたりまえに~Atarashiio, Atarimaeni ~ (Something New as the New Norm)” Furthermore, we promote sustainability management by positioning "contributing to global environmental conservation," "contributing to sustainable regional development," "providing a calm and secure living environment," and "creating a healthy and vibrant workplace environment" as important issues. I am.

Efforts to improve CX

Based on the management policy of ``creating new value in the lives of customers through sound business activities,' J:COM aims to improve CX by maintaining a customer-oriented perspective. We work in a comprehensive manner to understand our customers correctly and provide them with the best proposals and timely information for each customer.

Commitment to Innovation

Introduced an in-house venture system in 2018 for the purpose of creating new businesses and discovering and cultivating innovative human resources. Telemedicine business adopted in the first year started in 2009. We also dispatch employees to venture capital firms in the United States to conduct surveys and collect information on cutting-edge technologies and business models in the media and ICT fields developed by startups.

Promotion of DX

We have established an organization that specializes in data utilization and analysis, and are promoting DX in a wide range of areas, including improving CX, developing services, improving the quality of broadcasting and communication infrastructure, and improving operations. Furthermore, in our business divisions, we are promoting the development of human resources who will play a central role in promoting data utilization in each organization, and are working to speedily respond to changes in the environment due to digital transformation.

Technology that supports the future

As a company that provides infrastructure that is essential for people's lives, we strive to provide stable services with a thorough system. technology is being introduced. We are also working on the development and use of environmentally friendly technologies, such as using AI to reduce the power consumption of facilities and control CO 2 emissions.

Human resource strategy

Based on our behavioral guidelines of ``valuing all people,'' we are working to create an environment where diverse human resources can thrive and expand opportunities for growth. Based on the belief that maximizing the abilities of each employee will be the driving force behind the realization of a prosperous society that J:COM aims for, we are working to realize better human resources policies and systems.

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