Efforts to improve CX

We aim to create experiences
 that customers can enjoy by creating new value.

We aim to create experiences that customers can enjoy by creating new value.

Based on the management policy of ``creating new value for customers' lives through sound business activities,' J:COM aims to improve CX by maintaining a customer-centered approach. At J:COM, we believe it is important to understand our customers correctly and promote measures based on the data we obtain from them. Going forward, we will leverage the power of digital to expand our data, tools, etc. so that we can provide optimal proposals and timely information to each customer. The entire company will continue to provide consistent support from the customer's perspective and work to improve CX.

  • *CX (customer experience) = customer experience

Stay close to your customers

Pursuit of service quality and stress-free operability

In response to customer requests for a comfortable Wi-Fi environment, we are working to improve the quality of Internet communication by deploying Wi-Fi modems equipped with AI. We are also pursuing product and service design that is easy for customers to understand and stress-free, such as the operability of remote controls and the configuration of TV screens.

Strengthening everyday connections

Because it is a familiar service that is used every day, we have created an environment where customers can easily contact us, such as digital support channels, and we are strengthening direct ties with customers through active communication.

Refinement of touch points and enhancement of response quality

At points of contact with all kinds of customers, such as sales representatives, customer center operators, and service engineers who are active nationwide, we can improve the quality of our response by sharing customer response histories and make optimal proposals to customers. I am aiming for

Improvement activities based on customer feedback

In order to respond to even the smallest complaints, such as compliments, scoldings, problems and requests from customers, we implemented improvement activities for customer feedback, and implemented CX at each site. We have appointed a person in charge and are carrying out improvement activities across the organization.

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