Promotion of DX

Utilizing the data infrastructure, we are working on digital transformation (DX) to improve the J:COM experience value.

Utilizing data infrastructure, we are working on digital transformation (DX) to improve the value of the J:COM experience.

Data platform for deep understanding of customers

As a business that provides services closely related to daily life, we understand the problems and interests of our customers based on the TV viewing data we have obtained with the consent of our customers and the usage status of the services they use. This leads to the provision of services that enrich people's daily lives.

DX promotion system

Since 2016, we have established a specialized organization centered on data scientists who promote the sophistication of data utilization and analysis. In addition, by actively collaborating with external partners who have advanced analysis technology, we are working to improve our data utilization capabilities to solve the problems of our customers and society.

Customer service team, service development team, technology/information system team, data utilization/analysis specialized organization, and data analysis partners work together

Examples of DX initiatives

Further increase the value of the services provided

By utilizing and analyzing the usage data of the services we provide, we aim to provide detailed support optimized for each customer and improve the J:COM experience.

In our TV service, program recommendations are delivered with different content for each touch point, such as TV screens, e-mail magazines, and apps, expanding the enjoyment of customers discovering works that match their hobbies and tastes.

Improving the quality of customer service at customer centers

We will use a speech recognition system to visualize and analyze the response of customer center operators who handle customer phone calls, improve talk scripts and improve response skills, and aim to smoothly resolve customer problems. I'm here.

Data-driven TV advertising

In collaboration with multiple CS broadcasting stations, we provide J:COM PMP (Private Market Place), a TV advertising service that creates a network of advertising slots on high-quality specialized channels. By utilizing viewing data, we are able to efficiently deliver TV ads to advertisers' desired targets, and visualize impressions and complete views to realize data-driven TV ads.

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