J:COM 's growth vision

Based on our corporate philosophy, we will make the lives of all our customers richer and more enjoyable by realizing our brand message, “あたらしいを、あたりまえに~Atarashiio, Atarimaeni ~ (Something New as the New Norm)”

Based on our corporate philosophy, we will make the lives of all our customers richer and more enjoyable by realizing our brand message, “あたらしいを、あたりまえに~Atarashiio, Atarimaeni ~ (Something New as the New Norm)”

Our group believes that J:COM 's growth vision is to solve the problems of customers and local communities through our business activities and develop together with them.

In 2021, we revamped our brand message to “あたらしいを、あたりまえに~Atarashiio, Atarimaeni ~ (Something New as the New Norm)” and established the value that our group “promises” to customers with the aim of realizing our corporate philosophy. Through many “あたらしいを、あたりまえに~Atarashiio, Atarimaeni ~ (Something New as the New Norm)” initiatives, we will further promote sustainability management and strengthen our growth strategy.

Relationship between corporate philosophy and brand message

1. Corporate Philosophy

It expresses the vision that all J:COM Group employees aspire to be.

Let's touch your heart more.
Support life more.

2. Brand message

Aiming to realize our corporate philosophy, we express the value that J:COM promises to our customers.

“あたらしいを、あたりまえに~Atarashiio, Atarimaeni ~ (Something New as the new norm)”

WHY Corporate Philosophy What we aim to be, which is the cornerstone of all group employees HOW Management Policy What we, as managers, rely on in decision-making for sustainable growth and the happiness of our employees and their families Code of Conduct (J:COM WAY) Group A statement that clearly states the values and standards of behavior that all employees of

Main Initiatives for Growth

Efforts to Realize “Atarashii”

J:COM LINK, launched in 2019, allows customers to smoothly search for the program they want to watch from a vast amount of content, including multi-channel broadcasts such as J SPORTS and Movie Plus, as well as OTT services such as NETFLIX and Disney +. It is equipped with a function that recommends programs according to the customer's viewing habits.
This can be viewed not only on TV but also on smartphones, proposing a lifestyle in which smart TVs equipped with Android play a central role in daily life.

Efforts toward the realization of “ordinary”

deliver excitement

With "J:COM LINK", you can watch fun content such as NETFLIX and Disney + anytime, anywhere using your TV or smartphone.

J:COM Group's J SPORTS and Asmik Ace produce and provide content that delivers excitement.
The Jupiter Shop Channel not only sells products, but also sells ``moving experiences'' that enrich people's lives, such as travel. We have also started a live commerce business using SNS.

deliver comfort

In order to use the Internet comfortably, we are working on speeding up the network (FTTH to 10 Gigabit, condominium gigabit).

Face each customer

We have released the smartphone app "MY J:COM" to connect with each and every customer. Service applications and support are now available 24 hours a day through the app. You can also use this app to easily record and watch TV remotely.

for all customers

While new digital devices and new services are convenient, some customers may not understand them well and may be confused. At J:COM, we are committed to the operation of our equipment and have a comprehensive support system, leveraging our digital and physical strengths so that all customers, whether they are good at digital or not, can use our services comfortably. We use these resources to support the lives of our customers.

support life

With cable TV and Internet broadcasting and communication services as our core, we also provide services that are essential to our customers' lives, such as mobile, electric power, home IoT, and insurance. We have built a support system that matches the customer's situation, such as accepting 24-hour requests for malfunctions and problems via the app and visiting customers directly.

Contribution to solving social and regional issues

In order to continue to develop together with local communities, we also contribute to solving local community issues by providing broadcasting, communication, and lifestyle-related services.
In order to realize a safe and secure local community that continues to shine, we will continue to actively take on the challenge of solving unique issues through J:COM 's local media power and DX.

Initiatives for future problem-solving services

For the sustainable growth of our local communities, we will work with local governments and partners to solve unique regional issues such as transportation, medical care, and education through DX.

(Effort example)

  • Ride share service
  • Telemedicine using TV
  • Development of online education environment

Cooperation with local governments for disaster prevention and mitigation

In cooperation with local governments and partners, we carry out activities to protect communities from disasters. We support the local community from daily preparations before a disaster strikes, dissemination of disaster information when a disaster strikes, and post-disaster recovery support.

(Effort example)

  • Promoting the conclusion of disaster prevention agreements and regional support agreements with local governments
  • Disaster prevention and mitigation through information dissemination

Promotion of sustainability management

As a broadcaster and telecommunications company rooted in local communities, we strive to address the various issues facing society and actively work to resolve them through our business activities. promoting management.
In 2018, based on our corporate philosophy and SDGs, we established "Four Promises" for important issues (materiality).

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