Commitment to Innovation

Throughthe in-house venture system andstart-up collaboration activities,
We aim tocreate new value and create a future in whichsocietycontinues to prosper.

Throughthe in-house venture system andstart-up collaboration activities,
We aim tocreate new value and create a future in which societycontinues to prosper.

In-house venture system
JIP (J:COM Innovation Program)

In fiscal 2018, we introduced the internal venture system "JIP (J:COM Innovation Program)" for the purpose of creating new businesses and developing employees.

Under this system, employees can propose new businesses regardless of department or career, and if the project is adopted, they will be transferred to the business innovation department, and with the support of consultants, they will start new businesses and services themselves. can be raised.

The telemedicine business, which was selected in the first phase (2018), was launched as the "J:COM Telemedicine" service in July 2021.

Global startup collaboration

By dispatching employees to Sumitomo Corporation's global corporate venture capital, which was established in Silicon Valley in the United States in 1998, we invested in start-up companies developing innovative technologies and business models in the media and ICT fields and researched the latest trends. We are engaged in new business creation activities that actively incorporate cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Commercialization example

"J:COM Messhu Wi-Fi"

Introduced a Plume® Messhu Wi-Fi router that uses cutting-edge technology such as automatic optimization using the cloud and AI, and tri-band. Provides a high-speed and stable Wi-Fi environment at home.
(Started in 2019 as Japan's first monthly Messhu Wi-Fi service)

Furthermore, J:COM has developed its own cable modem equipped with the company's Wi-Fi technology, achieving a stable Wi-Fi environment with just one device. You can also create a Messhu Wi-Fi Messhu Wi-Fi Fi add-on pod.

Made from Plume®
Messhu Wi-Fi router

Future co-creation project

In fiscal 2017, the Future Co-Creation Project was launched with the aim of fostering a culture and climate of idea creation, co-creation, and innovation, and enabling employees to think and implement ideas for new businesses, new services, service improvements, and operational improvements. started.

We also opened the "Future Co-Creation Space J:COM Lounge," a place where employees can create and exchange ideas about the "future of J:COM" with each other.

More than 1,000 employees have attended the Future Co-Creation Workshop, where they learn new approaches such as co-creation and design thinking.

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