Family smartphone insurance

Family smartphone insurance

What is family smartphone insurance?

Covers up to 100,000 yen for repair costs and replacement costs for smartphones and tablets *

*For 2-device plan

Have you ever experienced trouble with your important smartphone, which is essential to your daily life? With your family's smartphone insurance, you don't have to worry about the expensive repair costs of smartphones and tablets.

Suddenly the power goes off
I can no longer enter
The power suddenly stopped turning on.
fall down
the screen is broken
I fell and the screen broke
have a drink
I spilled it
I spilled my drink
to theft
It happened
I got robbed

Family smartphone insurance
3 points

POINT 1 If the device is released within 5 years, you can use a cheap SIM.
Any carrier can apply!

If the device is released within 5 years, you can apply with any carrier even if it is a cheap SIM!

Models purchased outside of J:COM and used smartphones can also be subscribed.

Check the devices that can be applied

POINT 2The more units you contract, the more benefits you get!

The more contracts you have, the more benefits you get!

Monthly payment is 680 yen for 2 units.
After that, 200 yen will be charged for each additional device.
The more you sign up for the whole family, the more you save!

Click here for more information about monthly fees

POINT 3 Furthermore, when paying insurance claims,
No deductible!

Furthermore, there is no deductible when paying insurance claims!

If it is within the insurance amount limit, you do not have to pay part of the repair cost.
*Costs exceeding the payment limit will be your responsibility.

Learn more about compensation

compensation plan

The more contracts you have, the more benefits you get.

The pricing plan is very simple. Just decide the number of cars you want covered. Monthly payments will be cheaper if you sign up for the whole family.

Number of vehicles covered: 2
Number of vehicles covered: 2
Number of vehicles covered: 3
Number of vehicles covered: 3
Number of vehicles covered: 4
Number of vehicles covered: 4
You can sign up for up to 10 devices at an additional charge of 200 yen/month for each additional device.

*If you would like to check the coverage for 5 or more devices, please request documentation or contact our customer center.
*For information requests and inquiries, click here

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Step 1


ID card (image)

Please prepare images of the front, back, and device identification numbers (IMEI) of all devices you subscribe to.

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In addition, this is an application with J:COM companies as the group collectors. A credit card is required for application.
Please have your credit card ready when applying.

Acceptable credit cards
Credit card in your name

Credit card in your name

In principle, the payment method will be a credit card. Acceptable credit cards are those with the following mark.

Handling credit company

Sign Up

Application (image)

Please enter your address and contact information from the website and apply.

J:COM Insurance application

Sending notification of completion of contract procedures

Contract procedure completion notification (image)

After accepting the application, we will send you a notice of completion of the contract procedure.

We will answer any questions you may have

Click here for frequently asked questions

When signing a contract, please be sure to check the "Explanation of important matters" including the "contract summary" and "alert information".

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