Safe and fulfilling support

Even if you are not good at computers, you can rest assured with full support.

Free initial internet setup


Until the end of the following month when J:COM NET installation work is completed.
The initial setup fee of 5,300 yen (5,830 yen including tax) is now free for one unit.

the internet
connection settings

Email software settings

Including acquisition of one email address of our company

Installation of security software

Uninstalling existing antivirus software and setting up security software provided by J:COM.

Please check the following items before the free visit support date.

  • Please complete your login to J:COM My Page. J:COM personal ID (contractor ID) is required to log in.
    Click here for registration instructions
  • Please prepare the equipment necessary for using the Internet, such as a personal computer, and complete the unpacking and setup of the personal computer.
  • Please consider email address suggestions.
  • In the case of J:COM NET Hikari (N), initial settings cannot be done on-site.
  • J:COM NET free on-site support only applies to one customer's computer. For the second or subsequent devices, a fee will be charged.
    Please check with the operator regarding fees at the time of application.
  • J:COM NET free on-site support can only be applied for by contract holders or their family members who live with them.
  • J:COM NET free on-site support is provided only once.
  • We may not be able to respond to problems such as problems with your computer.

If you have a problem, call a professional staff member


From service change procedures to technical problems, we will respond 365 days a year.

Problems with your computer will not be supported. We offer on-site support for a fee.

Enhanced online support for subscribers


You can immediately check how to set up on the subscriber-only site.

J:COM NET support

Enkaku support


J:COM will solve your "problems"!

J:COM Oita provides "Anshin Remote Support". Click here for details

Remote support *1*2 If you are having trouble with Internet settings, etc., the operator can remotely control the screen by sharing the screen!
Support with a dedicated number *1*3 365 days from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM *4
You can consult the professional support staff as many times as you like!

We also offer on-site support for a fee. Click here for details

Basic monthly fee 500 yen (550 yen including tax)

If you are considering signing up or adding services

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Some properties offer free or discounted options!

areas & properties

If you are considering signing up or adding services

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New customers

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Applications and Inquiries


phone call
9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. [Closed all year round] / Available translations


AM9:00-PM6:00【연중무휴】/통역 있음

Ứng dụng / Yêu cầu

Ứng dụng / Yêu cầu
AM9:00-PM6:00【mở cửa quanh năm】/có phiên dịch


AM9:00-PM6:00【aberto todo o ano】/com intérprete

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Some properties offer free or discounted options!

areas & properties


Can you do the initial settings for connecting to the internet?

Up until the end of the month following the completion of J:COM NET installation work, you can have one PC's initial settings (connection settings, e-mail settings, and security settings) performed free of charge.

I want to know about support after joining

We offer a wide range of contact methods, from inquiries by phone or chat to guidance on our homepage with support information. In addition, by subscribing to Enkaku Support (550 yen per month (tax included)), you can receive remotely operated support from an operator.

Enkaku Support

I have a room where Wi-Fi is difficult to connect to. Can I still use this reliably?

J:COM provides a Mesh Wi-Fi service using wireless repeaters (pods). You can now use Wi-Fi stably even in rooms where Wi-Fi had difficulty reaching.

Mesh Wi-Fi Routers

Is security service available?

You can use security services such as "McAfee for ZAQ," which protects your computer from viruses and unauthorized access, and "i-Filter for ZAQ," which limits the time your children spend online and prevents them from accessing dangerous sites, free of charge.

Can I use my current email address?

If you have a free email such as Gmail, you can use it with no problems. There are services from each company that allow you to continue using the email address of your current provider even after canceling your contract. Please contact your current provider for details.

Can I use a commercially available Wi-Fi router?

Yes. You can use general Wi-Fi routers currently on the market. Please note that J:COM also has a built-in Wi-Fi router modem that complies with the latest standards.

With J:COM NET Hikari (N), you can use any Wi-Fi router that supports FLET'S Hikari.

  • Only Enkaku Support subscribers can use this service. Also, the phone may be busy. Please note.
  • You cannot use it if you are not connected to the internet. J:COM MOBILE can only be used on devices separately designated by our company.
  • Please refer to the document you received when you signed up for the dedicated phone number for Enkaku Support.
  • J:COM Minami-Yokohama, J:COM Nishisho (Odawara area), J:COM Shonan/Kamakura (Kamakura area), J:COM Musashino/Mitaka, J:COM Tama, J:COM Hachioji/Hino, J:COM East Kuzu/Katsushika, J:COM Ichikawa/Urayasu (Ichikawa area), J:COM YY Funabashi Narashino (Funabashi/Narashino area), J:COM Adachi, J:COM Chiba Central, J:COM Suginami/Nakano (Nakano area), J:COM Port/Shinjuku, J:COM Ota, J:COM Itabashi/Kita (Tokyo North Area), J:COM Kawaguchi/Toda, J:COM Koshigaya/Kasukabe, J:COM Higashijou/Kawagoe (Kawagoe Area), J:COM Saitama Prefecture, J:COM Soka, J:COM Kumagaya/Fukaya are open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
  • Separately, the TV specified by our company will be covered.
  • Computers/tablets separately designated by our company are eligible for compensation. J:COM tablets are not covered.
  • McAfee, and the McAfee logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of McAfee, LLC or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Other trademarks and brands may be claimed by others.

[About the amount including tax]

  • Consumption tax differences may occur due to changes in the consumption tax rounding method under the invoice system.