Support/Frequently Asked Questions
(J:COM Telemedicine)

After-sales support

Even after the start of use, we will support you by phone and visit.
Even those who are uneasy about Telemedicine for the first time, or those who are not used to it, can use the service with peace of mind.

phone support

tv set

You can contact us any number of times from our dedicated consultation desk.

Medical attendance support

tv set

On the day of your consultation, our staff will visit you and assist you with the operation.

About fees

About fees

For those who are considering

J:COM Telemedicine.

What are the benefits of Telemedicine?

You can receive a medical examination from your home via your smartphone or TV screen without having to go to a medical institution.
There is no waiting time in the hospital, so it is recommended for people who are worried about secondary infection or for busy people.

Can anyone use it?

Anyone can use the "J:COM Telemedicine" service by registering for it.

However, Telemedicine can only be provided if the doctor determines that Telemedicine are possible.

How do I register for Telemedicine?

<When registering from the MY J:COM app>
Select "Telemedicine" from the app top screen and register from "Telemedicine registration".

<If registering via PC (WEB)>
Please register using this web form.

<If registering by phone>
AM 9:00-PM 6:00 [Open all year round]

  • If you wish to receive a medical examination on TV and do not have J:COM LINK contract, please register by phone.
  • With one registration, you can use it on both your smartphone and TV.
Are there any conditions for using "J:COM Telemedicine"?

By registering for J:COM Telemedicine, you will be able to receive treatment at a medical institution with which J:COM has a contract. (As of November 2023, the service is not provided to those who have a contract with J:COM Oita/YCV)

To use it on TV, you need to live within the service area and subscribe to J:COM LINK or IP-STB for Telemedicine.

Can I receive Telemedicine from the first visit?

From April 2022, Telemedicine will be available starting from the first consultation.
If your doctor determines that Telemedicine is possible, you may do so.
Depending on the doctor's judgment, face-to-face treatment may be required.

How can I receive the medicine?

After Telemedicine, the medical institution will send the prescription to the designated pharmacy.
You can choose to receive the medicine at home or at the pharmacy counter.
If you choose your home, you will receive an explanation of the medicine over a video call.

Alternatively, you can have your prescriptions sent to your home.

When is Telemedicine available? Are you available 365 days a year?

Response times vary depending on the medical institution.

<When using with a smartphone>
You can check the available dates and times for each medical institution.

Does insurance cover Telemedicine?

Health insurance applies. The amount you pay varies depending on your age and income situation.

This also applies if you use a medical card. Please contact your local municipality as the target age group and the amount to be paid vary depending on the region.

What payment methods are available?

Payment can only be made by credit card.

Please note that Rakuten Card cannot be used.

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