Medical treatment on TV

J:COM Telemedicine


J:COM Telemedicine, if you purchase and install a web camera, you can receive medical treatment on your home TV.

You can receive a medical examination on your TV screen at home.

You can receive Telemedicine from your home TV. *
There is no need for travel or waiting time.

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Reliable support from installation to operation

We also provide support over the phone and in-person visits for equipment settings and operating instructions.

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  • Available if the doctor determines that Telemedicine is possible.
  • Diagnosis and prescription may be difficult. For more information, please contact your medical institution.


We will explain the charges for using it on TV.

Separate medical fees/dispensing fees/prescription shipping fees, etc. are required.

iconThose who have registered to use J:COM Telemedicine

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Medical treatment flow

Don't worry even if it's your first time!
This video clearly explains the flow of Telemedicine on TV.

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Application flow

If using on TV, before applying for the service,
Please check if your area is covered by our service area.

Step 1

Check coverage areas


Sign Up


Receiving a web camera

Step 4


Medical treatment with smartphone
Those who wish

Those who wish to receive medical treatment via smartphone

You can even take a medical examination using your smartphone!
First, download the MY J:COM app!

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What are the benefits of Telemedicine?

You can receive a medical examination from your home via your smartphone or TV screen without having to go to a medical institution.
There is no waiting time in the hospital, so it is recommended for people who are worried about secondary infection or for busy people.

Can anyone use it?

Anyone can use the "J:COM Telemedicine" service by registering for it.

However, Telemedicine can only be provided if the doctor determines that Telemedicine are possible.

How do I register for Telemedicine?

<When registering from the MY J:COM app>
Select "Telemedicine" from the app top screen and register from "Telemedicine registration".

<If registering via PC (WEB)>
Please register using this web form.

<If registering by phone>
AM 9:00-PM 6:00 [Open all year round]

  • If you wish to receive a medical examination on TV and do not have J:COM LINK contract, please register by phone.
  • With one registration, you can use it on both your smartphone and TV.

[About the amount including tax]

  • Consumption tax differences may occur due to changes in the consumption tax rounding method under the invoice system.