Anshin Filter for J:COM


"Anshin Filter for J:COM" is a filtering service for smartphones that protects children from dangerous sites and apps. It also supports Wi-Fi communication. You can use it for free per month.

  • According to the "Law Concerning the Development of an Environment Where Youth Can Use the Internet Safely and Securely", youths under the age of 18 are required to subscribe to and set up a filtering service when using the Internet on smartphones, etc. It is


Monthly fee: Free*1

  1. "Anshin Filter for J:COM" is intended for individual customers under the age of 18 who subscribe to J:COM MOBILE A Plan ST designated terminals and J:COM MOBILE A Plan Tablet Set. Customers 18 years of age or older, corporate contract customers, J:COM tablets without SIM (Wi-Fi compatible), customers subscribed to Plan A, SU, or D are not eligible.

Main function

WEB filtering function

Blocks access to Internet sites that are harmful to children. It is safe because it filters even when connecting to Wi-Fi.

  • Up to 60 URLs in total can be individually permitted/restricted to access specific websites.

App filtering function

Prevents the launch of apps that are inappropriate for children or apps that read personal information inappropriately.

Change filtering strength

According to the growth of your child, you can easily set the level of restriction in four stages: elementary school, junior high school, high school, and high school plus.

  Filtering level strong→weak
Elementary school student
Middle school students
high school student
high school student plus
Illegal and illegal information × Restrictions
dating, adult, violence, gambling, drinking and smoking × Restrictions
Sites with security problems such as phishing and viruses × Restrictions
Communication such as SNS and bulletin boards × Restrictions × Restrictions × Restrictions ○ Permission
Gravure, occult, sweepstakes × Restrictions × Restrictions ○ Permission ○ Permission
Games, fortune telling, e-books, video distribution, entertainment information × Restrictions ○ Permission ○ Permission ○ Permission
shopping, auction × Restrictions ○ Permission ○ Permission ○ Permission
WEB mail × Restrictions ○ Permission ○ Permission ○ Permission

In addition, you can customize the limits individually.

  • Four levels of filtering intensity settings apply to web and apps. However, regarding iOS app restrictions, regardless of school age, apps that are classified as "17+ (appropriate for use by those over 17 years old)" in the AppStore will be uniformly regulated.

Use time limit function

You can decide when you can use it according to your lifestyle.

  • It may not be reflected on time due to network conditions. Please note.

Operating environment

Smartphones that can be managed
(Child's smart phone)

It is necessary to install and set up the "Anshin Filter for J:COM" app on your child's smartphone. Click here for details

Android Android OS5.0 or higher
iOS iOS9.0 or higher

Admin (Guardian) page
(Administrator's computer, smartphone, tablet)

You can remotely manage your child's smartphone from the app or browser administrator screen. Click here for details

Windows Internet Explorer® 11
Google Chrome
macOS Safari
Android Google Chrome
Anshin Filter for J:COM Browser
iOS Safari
Anshin Filter for J:COM Browser

Flow to use

If you apply at the same time

We will deliver the "setting password" on the enclosed delivery note. Please refer to the usage page and perform the initial settings.

Other than the above
When applying

We accept inquiries by phone. Please call the number below and let us know that you would like to use "Anshin Filter for J:COM". When you receive the special notification, please refer to the usage page and perform the initial settings.

iconContact us by phone (toll free)0120-938-362
AM 9:00-PM 6:00 [open all year round]

[About the amount including tax]

  • Consumption tax differences may occur due to changes in the consumption tax rounding method under the invoice system.