Secure Terminal Guarantee 48

Troubles such as failure, damage, and water damage are safe with this!
Remote control support even when lost.

If you apply for "J:COM MOBILE A Plan ST" and "device designated by our company" or "Secure Device Guarantee 48", you will receive the following services to protect you in case of device failure or loss that cannot be covered by repair. You can use it.

Monthly usage fee

500yenper terminal(550 yen including tax)/month

  • You cannot change the contract from "Safe Device Guarantee" or "Device Guarantee (former: Device Guarantee Service)". If you are already subscribed, please cancel the previous warranty service and make a new contract for "Safe Terminal Guarantee 48".

Available services

Reliable support when replacing equipment *1

You can replace the device at a low price when there is a problem that cannot be covered by repair, such as device failure, damage, or water damage.

Replacement equipment price list

It will be the replacement device price when purchased after 2022/10/5. Customers who purchased before 2022/10/4 may have a different exchange device price. Please check your contract for details.

First time Second time 3rd time onwards
Galaxy A21
Galaxy A20
1,000 yen
(1,100 yen including tax)
1,000 yen
(1,100 yen including tax)
3,600 yen
(3,960 yen including tax)
LG WineSmart 1,200 yen
(1,320 yen including tax)
2,000 yen
(2,200 yen including tax)
5,000 yen
(5,500 yen including tax)
except the above
5,000 yen
(5,500 yen including tax)
8,000 yen
(8,800 yen including tax)
19,800 yen
(21,780 yen including tax)
  • If you have not subscribed to "Safe Terminal Guarantee 48", the charges will differ.
  • The guarantee amount varies depending on the content of the guarantee contract. Please check your contract for details.
  • Repair prices are subject to change without notice.
  • In case of theft, a separate SIM Card reissue fee of 2,000 yen (2,200 yen including tax) is required.
  • As a general rule, replacement equipment will be the following equipment.
  • It must be the same model and color as the target device. However, if it is difficult to procure a device of the same model or color as the target device due to discontinuation of production, etc., a replacement model or color determined by J:COM that has the same or better functionality as the target device will be used. There may be cases.
  • The version of the operating system (OS) installed on the replacement device may differ from the version of the OS installed on the target device at the time of the accident.
  • Replacement equipment is a refresh product.

Helpful support when your device is lost *2

If you lose your device, you can receive the following support by contacting J:COM.

Remote screen lock *3 Remotely lock the screen so that the data on your device cannot be easily viewed.
Remote data erasure *4 In case the device cannot be found, data can be erased (initialized) remotely to prevent information leakage.
Get location information Acquire the location information of the lost terminal based on the radio waves from GPS and base stations.
  • Installation of a dedicated app is required.
  • Terminals that are not connected to the network cannot provide the above services.

"Safe Terminal Guarantee 48" supported terminals

LG Wine Smart (LGS01) / LG / BASIO4 / Galaxy A21 /Galaxy A20 / AQUOS sense3 / AQUOS sense5G / AQUOS sense6s / AQUOS wish / Galaxy A23 5G/ BASIO active/AQUOS sense8

  • Click here for iPhone warranty service
  • Click here for au Certified iPhone (certified second-hand) warranty service

Application for "Safe Terminal Guarantee 48"

Applications will be accepted at the same time as a contract (new model, model change, or additional purchase) for "J:COM MOBILE A Plan ST" and "terminal specified by our company" or tablet. If you would like to apply, please inform your J:COM representative at the time of signing the contract.
Please note that you cannot additionally apply for "Anshin Device Guarantee 48" after signing a device contract.

Click here for "Safe Terminal Guarantee 48" terms of use

About repair

J:COM repair service (paid): J:COM also accepts repairs. Please contact us by phone for details. During the repair period, we will lend you a loaner machine for a fee.
0120-919-988 (9:00-18:00 [Open all year round])

  • Subscription is required at the same time as purchasing a J:COM MOBILE device or applying for a tablet.
  • The maximum warranty period is 48 months per device.
  • Free repair or replacement for spontaneous failures within the free warranty period (1 year), paid replacement for failures caused by the customer.
  • Free for the first month of use, billed from the following month. Cancellation in the middle of the month is calculated on a daily basis.
  1. In the case of a spontaneous failure within the manufacturer's warranty period (1 year), we will replace it free of charge. If the failure is caused by the customer (liquid crystal cracking, dropping, submersion, etc.), it will be replaced for a fee.
  2. Installation of a dedicated app is required. Support services cannot be provided if the power of the terminal is off or the network is not connected. In addition, it may not be possible to use it even if the customer has changed the settings themselves. Support for lost devices is limited to use within Japan. Cannot be used overseas. If your device is stolen or lost, immediately contact your Osaifu-Keitai compatible service provider for assistance.
  3. The data in the SD card will also be deleted, but it may not be deleted depending on the terminal. Initialized data cannot be restored.
  4. To obtain location information, the location information of the terminal must be "ON". Accurate location information may not be obtained depending on the location of the terminal, such as underground, where radio waves do not reach, or due to radio wave conditions. Please note that the location information provided is approximate and does not provide a detailed address.

[About the amount including tax]

  • Consumption tax differences may occur due to changes in the consumption tax rounding method under the invoice system.