your child's
“First smartphone” is

Leave your child's smartphone debut to J:COM!

For a long time
Monthly fee: 980 yen
(1,078 yen including tax)~

These two models are recommended for the first smartphone!

Smartphone fee

Data capacity 1 GB 5GB 10GB 20GB
Date Mori
When applied
5GB 10GB 20GB 30GB
monthly fee

980 yen

(1,078 yen including tax)

This price all the time!

1,480 yen

(1,628 yen including tax)

1,980 yen

(2,178 yen including tax)

2,480 yen

(2,728 yen including tax)

after speed limit
Data carryover Remaining data capacity will be used in the next month
carry over automatically
voice call
(domestic call)

Unlimited calls (5 minutes/time)

500 yen
(550 yen including tax)

Unlimited calls (60 minutes/time)

1,500 yen
(1,650 yen including tax)

Domestic call 20 yen (22 yen including tax)/30 seconds
  • 1GB is 5GB with Date Mori data, 5GB is 10GB with additional data, 10GB is 20GB with additional data, and 20GB is 30GB with additional data. Click here for applicable conditions
  • Separate universal service fees, telephone relay service fees, call charges, SMS service charges, etc. are required.
  • A contract administration fee of 3,000 yen (3,300 yen including tax) is required. (Excluding Plan A SU) However, if you subscribe to other J:COM services as a new or additional service at the same time, J:COM MOBILE's contract administration fee may be waived.

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Block harmful sites!
Reliable filtering service

Block access to harmful sites and dangerous apps for children!
In addition, you can easily set the level of restrictions according to the child's growth and decide the time period when the smartphone can be used according to the lifestyle, so you can give your child a smartphone with peace of mind.

Anshin Filter for J:COM

Anshin Filter for J:COM

Full warranty service for peace of mind even in the event of loss

If you give it to your child, they will break it or lose it... You don't have to worry about that with J:COM!
If you lose your device, just contact J:COM and we will be able to remotely lock it, erase data, and provide you with the location information of your device. *1
In the event of damage, we can provide you with a replacement device at a low cost with just one phone call.

Secure Terminal Guarantee 48

first smartphone,
children questions,
Parents' worries Q&A

As children reach the upper grades of elementary school, more and more families are thinking about getting a smartphone soon. We will introduce Q&A about children's questions and parents' concerns about the first smartphone.

children's questions
(1) A friend once asked me, "Don't you have a kid's mobile phone?"
② What is the number one reason why you want to have a smartphone in elementary school?

(1) According to a survey, 35.9% of elementary school students own smartphones (annual government survey, 2018 data).
(2) As for the reasons for wanting to own one, many girls want to communicate with their friends, and many boys want to play games.

I like to look up various things on the Internet, but my parents are worried that I will use my smartphone too much if I have one. Any solution?

First of all, let's talk with the whole family. As one solution, there are cases where a rule is made that children should be used within the reach of their parents at home and not brought into their own room. Also, there are families where the usage time is set and the parents take care of the rest.

parent's worries
① Please tell us the timing and reasons why parents want to give elementary school students smartphones.
(2) I can't help but think about game addiction and adverse effects on my eyes. In addition to making rules at home, is it possible to restrict usage?

① The first thing is to be able to contact your child at any time when you go to cram school and act alone. Also, there are many reasons to "know where you are".
②There is a function that shows the usage status of apps and the Internet, and it is possible to restrict usage with this. Parents and children should decide on a rule, such as playing games for one hour a day or not using email after 10 pm, and using it based on that. I think the important thing is to discuss and decide what, when, and how you will use your smartphone before you own it. Just saying "no" is enough to make you want to quit.

① I am concerned about the safety of smartphones. They worry that they might get into trouble by connecting with strangers they don't want.
② I have three children, and when each of them has a smartphone, I am worried about the price.

① There is a function to block calls and emails from strangers and unregistered people. It is safe to register only those who are approved by parents in the phone book.
(2) Not long ago, the monthly usage fee for one smartphone was quite high, but now service companies like ours, which are collectively called "cheap smartphones," have appeared, and low-priced plans have also appeared. increase.
You can check it easily from the smartphone charge simulation, so please try it.

J: What are the features of COM MOBILE?

We prioritize safety and low cost, so we offer free "filtering" that restricts access to sites inappropriate for children, lower monthly fees, and more. The following points can be mentioned. For families who are unsure about the initial setup, we can come to your home and provide peace of mind support if you wish, and of course support is also available at each J:COM store. Furthermore, in the Kansai area, we are collaborating with the government to conduct on-site classes at schools called ``ZAQ Secure Internet Classroom by J:COM'' to teach students how to use the Internet safely.

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