Smartphones for seniors are

Senior 60 wari

Limited to those over 60 years old! great benefits

Unlimited calls (5 minutes/time) is free!

Unlimited calls (5 minutes/time) 500 yen per month (550 yen including tax)

Free for 6 months!

Enkaku support is free!

Enkaku Support monthly fee of 500 yen (550 yen including tax)

Free for up to 3 months!

"BASIO active" for easy operation and wide usage

AQUOS wish
Large screen, easy to hold

Large, easy-to-read home screen

The buttons are large and easy to press, such as dedicated buttons for phone and e-mail and character input.

Easy to operate with large icons

Wash your smartphone and keep it clean *1

It can be washed completely with a foaming hand soap. You can easily clean it with an alcohol sanitizing sheet.

Peace of mind even in the event of a disaster

Enhanced functionality with voice search and FM radio *2

You can control what you want to know and what you want to do with your voice.
You can easily enjoy radio on the go.

BASIO active total payment amount example

  • Basic data communication volume: 1GB → 5GB (Date Mori applied)
  • Terminal price: In the case of 48 installments
Basic monthly fee

Voice call + data communication

980yenper month

(1,078yen including tax)

Terminal price

[For 48 installment payments]

750yenper month

(825yen including tax)

1,730yenper month

(1,903yen including tax)

  • If you newly apply for "J:COM MOBILE A Plan ST 1GB" and "BASIO active" at the same time and Date Mori is applied.
  • Separate universal service fees, telephone relay service fees, call charges, SMS service charges, etc. are required.
  • A contract administration fee of 3,000 yen (3,300 yen including tax) is required. However, if you subscribe to other J:COM services at the same time, J:COM MOBILE's contract administration fee may be waived.

Peace of mind with an easy-to-understand fee system and price!

J:COM MOBILE's smartphones have four communication capacities to choose from, from 1GB to 20GB, depending on your usage style. You can rest assured that your smartphone bill is simple and easy to understand, with a basic monthly fee + device fee.

Rate plan

Data capacity 1 GB 5GB 10GB 20GB
Date Mori
When applied
5GB 10GB 20GB 30GB
Saikyo Young Wari
When applied


6 months

500 yen

(550 yen including tax)

6 months

1,000 yen

(1,100 yen including tax)

6 months

1,500 yen

(1,650 yen including tax)

monthly fee

980 yen

(1,078 yen including tax)

This price all the time!

1,480 yen

(1,628 yen including tax)

1,980 yen

(2,178 yen including tax)

2,480 yen

(2,728 yen including tax)

after speed limit
Data carryover Remaining data capacity will be used in the next month
carry over automatically
Senior 60 wariFree Unlimited calls (5 minutes/time) for6 months
Free support forup to 3 months
  • With Data Mori, 1 GB becomes 5 GB, 5 GB becomes 10 GB, 10 GB becomes 20 GB, and 20 GB becomes 30 GB. Click here for applicable conditions.
  • Separate universal service fees, telephone relay service fees, call charges, SMS service charges, etc. are required.

J:COM staff will provide setup support, so it's easy and safe.

J:COM staff provides setting support

For those who wish, we will explain everything from initial settings to how to use it free of charge. It is safe even for those who are new to smartphones.

Full warranty service for peace of mind even when misplaced or lost

Comprehensive warranty service

Even if you misplace it or lose it, you can rest assured with J:COM!
Just by contacting J:COM, we can provide you with the location information of your device, remotely lock it, and erase data. *3
In the event of damage, we can provide you with a replacement device at a low cost with just one phone call.


Images and screens are images. Colors and screens may differ from the actual product.

  • It is possible to wash using a household foam type hand soap made by a domestic manufacturer (surveyed by Sharp Corporation). Do not use other detergents.
  • To use radio FM waves, connection of commercially available wired earphones is required.
  • Terminals that are not connected to the network cannot provide the above services.

[About the amount including tax]

  • Consumption tax differences may occur due to changes in the consumption tax rounding method under the invoice system.