Options/Other services

Optional service

Unlimited calls option


With this service, domestic calls of up to 5 minutes or 60 minutes are free of charge as many times as you like.

About the Unlimited calls option
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Secure Terminal Guarantee 48


500 yen per month (550 yen including tax)

In the unlikely event of a malfunction, breakage, water leakage, or other problems, we will send you a replacement unit with just one phone call.
Additionally, if you lose your device, you can receive a variety of remote support from J:COM.

You must subscribe at the same time as purchasing a J:COM MOBILE device or applying for a tablet.

About Secure Terminal Guarantee 48
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AppleCare+ for iPhone


Protect your iPhone.
AppleCare+ for iPhone extends your warranty and technical support indefinitely from the date of your iPhone purchase. In addition, we offer services such as repairs for damage caused by negligence or accidents, with a service charge of 3,400 yen (3,740 yen including tax) for screen damage, and 11,800 yen (12,980 yen including tax) for other damage, up to twice. You can receive up to

About AppleCare+ for iPhone
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Device Warranty for iPhone


600 yen per month (660 yen including tax)

In the unlikely event of a malfunction, breakage, water leakage, or other problems, we will send you a replacement unit with just one phone call.
Additionally, if you lose your device, you can receive a variety of remote support from J:COM.

per terminal

About Device Warranty for iPhone
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Anshin Filter for J:COM


A filtering service for smartphones that protects children from dangerous sites and apps. You can use it for free per month.

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Watch videos without data communication count


If you watch videos on the go via the "J:COM STREAM" app, you can enjoy videos without consuming data communication (packets) even when you are out and about without Wi-Fi.

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call options

Service name Pricing
Standard option
(no application required)

Call charges and communication charges
It will be charged separately.

SMS *1 No monthly charge
Voicemail *2 free
Caller ID display service *3 free
Caller ID request service *4 free
Call forwarding service *5 free
spam sms block free
Charged option
(Application required)
Call waiting service *6 200 yen (220 yen including tax)/month
Answering Service EX *7 300 yen (330 yen including tax)/month
Nuisance call rejection service *8 100 yen (110 yen including tax)/month


Option addition/change

data option

Service name Pricing
additional data 500MB: 200 yen (220 yen including tax)
1GB: 300 yen (330 yen including tax)

<For Plan A> The expiration date is 90 days including the date of purchase.

There is an upper limit (100GB) on the data capacity that can be held. If you have reached the carryover limit, you will not be able to purchase additional data.

“J:COM Music” app
No data traffic count *9
mail address SMS (Gmail available)

We do not provide an email address as a carrier.

Anshin Filter for J:COM *10 free
Tethering (Device with tethering function is required.) free

If your device has a tethering function.

Gigazo Wi-Fi Free (J:COM MOBILE benefit)

*Membership registration is required. Click here for details


Accessories can be ordered online when purchasing a smartphone for the first time.

Additional purchase of accessories

You can purchase additional items later.

If you wish to make additional purchases at a later date, please apply by phone. Also, the price may differ from the initial purchase.

Learn more about purchasing additional accessories

J:COM MOBILE terminal
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Procedures such as contracting and changing models are cumbersome.

You can easily apply online. Visiting support is also available upon request.

You can apply for J:COM MOBILE online. You can complete the process from the comfort of your own home, so there is no need to go to a store and wait for a long time.

Once you receive your smartphone, you can receive free support if you wish. We will provide detailed instructions on how to use your smartphone, as well as the initial settings.

About initial setup support

  • Those applying for "J:COM MOBILE D Plan SIM Card" are not eligible.
I want to transfer data such as my phone book to a new smartphone, what should I do?

Solve difficult settings at home. Leave the initial settings of your smartphone to Enkaku Support!

J:COM MOBILE provides free support that provides detailed instructions on initial settings, migration of phonebook data, instructions on how to use the service, etc. for those who wish to do so.

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Can I continue to use the email address I'm currently using on my J:COM MOBILE smartphone?

If you are using a free email service such as Gmail, you can continue to use it by logging in or setting up a new device.

Please note that if you are using an email address (domain) issued by some telecommunications companies, you will not be able to use it.

  • There are some services that allow you to continue using carrier mail even after canceling your carrier. Please refer here for details.

J:COM MOBILE does not issue email addresses, so we recommend that you switch to a free email such as G-mail in advance.

Can I carry over unused data usage?

Unused data traffic will be automatically carried over to the next month.

*The remaining amount is valid until the end of the following month.

If the upper limit is exceeded, the speed will be limited to 1Mbps or 200kbps depending on the plan you subscribe to. In addition to the data usage of your contract plan, you can also carry over any additional data usage you purchase to the next month.

Please check here for more information, including expiration dates.

Can I continue to use LINE on my new device?

By completing the appropriate settings and procedures, you can continue to use the service on your new device.

Regarding account migration (handover) procedures, security is regularly strengthened, so please check the latest information on LINE's official blog before proceeding.
(*Please note that settings may be required before changing the model)

How to transfer your LINE account (as of July 2017)

  • Some models can send long SMS. SMS sending charges vary depending on the number of characters. For details, please check the "J:COM MOBILE Terms and Conditions". Long SMS messages may be received in parts depending on the recipient's device. Long SMS messages cannot be sent to other companies in Japan or overseas. You can send up to 200 SMS per day.
  • Please check the J:COM homepage for the number of messages that can be recorded and the retention time.
  • The number may not be displayed, such as when receiving a call from the non-notification setting.
  • Call charges will be incurred when connecting to the guidance, such as starting or stopping the service. Even if you are using the service, the number of the other party may be connected.
  • au国際電話および、一部の事業者での転送はご利用いただけない場合があります。「お留守番サービスEX」と同時のご利用はできません。ほかの電話機からの遠隔操作の「フル転送サービス開始」(090-4444-1428)について2022年5月13日(金)をもってサービス提供終了いたしました。
  • Call charges will be incurred even while the call is on hold and will be borne by the caller. If you start "Call Waiting Service" and "Caller ID Display Request Service" at the same time, the "Caller ID Display Request Service" will take precedence if you receive a call from a non-caller. If "Call Waiting Service" and "Unsolicited Call Rejection Service" are started at the same time, "Unsolicited Call Rejection Service" takes precedence.
  • Call charges will be incurred when playing back messages. "Answering Service EX" is a registered trademark of KDDI Corporation.
  • Some numbers cannot be registered.
  • This is limited to data communication via each target app (some operations such as searches may require some data communication). Subscription to "J:COM MOBILE A Plan ST" and J:COM designated services is required.
  • In accordance with the Act on the Development of an Environment for Youth to Use the Internet Safely and Securely, a filtering service is required for customers under the age of 18 to use J:COM MOBILE A Plan ST. Masu. "J:COM MOBILE A Plan SU" cannot be used by persons under the age of 18.
  • This is an optional service that can be used with an A Plan ST contract. If you subscribe to Plan D, the contents and fees will differ.

[About Gigazo]

  • Available by contract with Wire & Wireless Co., Ltd.
  • Some services may not be available depending on the device.
  • There are limited spaces available within the facility. Also, it may not be available depending on the store or vehicle.
  • Separate usage registration required.

[About the amount including tax]

  • Consumption tax differences may occur due to changes in the consumption tax rounding method under the invoice system.