J:COM NET Super Speed Internet Optical 1 Gig 6 months actual monthly fee of 900 yen
J:COM NET Hikari 10 Giga
J:COM NET Saikyo Young Wari Net 900 yen/month for 6 months 4 years discount for under 26s
6 months with J:COM MOBILE's Saikyo Young Wari Date Mori Smartphone 10GB 550 yen/month Under 26 years old and their families
Paramount+ arrives in Japan for the first time! J:COM TV Shin Standard now available

The charm of NET J:COM NET


Enjoy video previews and online meetings comfortably!

light 10 giga High-capacity communication!!

Optical 10 gig usage scene

J:COM NET Hikari,
up to 10 giga with large-capacity communication
Make videos and meetings stress-free and comfortable!

The maximum speed according to technical standards provided from the network to the ONU.

About Hikari 10 Giga


The more you use it, the more comfortable it becomes!

Next generation AI Wi-Fi

Next-generation AI Wi-Fi usage image

Ideal for connecting multiple devices,
Automatically connect to the optimal Wi-Fi for each device!

Also available on 10G/5G courses. However, the maximum communication speed according to technical standards with the WAN side is limited to 1Gbps.

About Next Generation AI Wi-Fi

About Next Generation AI Wi-Fi

That’s not all...

Free security for your peace of mind
It’s coming!!

About free security


light 1 giga and next-generation AI Wi-Fi

Effective monthly fee of 900 yen for 6 months

24 months after application

Actual discount total 96,456 yen (tax included)
Great value!


You can use the internet right away!

You can start using it in as little as 4 days!*

Laptop usage scene

You can also install it yourself at any time you like!

Learn more about signing up

  • It may not be possible to meet the desired schedule depending on the contract details and congestion.

See J:COM NET in detail

If you are under 26 years old, this is a great deal!

Special discount continues for 4 years

Saikyo Young Wari Net 900 yen/month for 6 months, 4 years discount for under 26s

User J:COM,
Click here if you are planning to move

User J:COM J:COM J:COM Hixtukosi Wari even when you move

Learn more about moving procedures

Charm of smartphone J:COM MOBILE


Smartphone and other services
The price stays the same with your contract!

Date Mori 5GB 980 yen/month ~

Increase data all the time up to 5 lines!

Data Mori


The remaining data capacity

You can carry over without waste!! *1

With data carryover
Be smart and save money!

Current month: Monthly data capacity 5GB (used 3GB, remaining 2GB) → Next month: Usable data capacity 7GB


If you exceed your data usage
Even with speed limits...

Fast at up to 1Mbps!! *2

No need to worry about overused months!

You can enjoy videos, music, and SNS crisply!


It's an au line, so it's safe and comfortable!
Because it supports au 4G LTE

nationwide area
Connected and comfortable!

The charm of TV J:COM TV


Very popular!!

J:COM TV Shin Standard

Carefully selected specialized channels First landing in Japan
You can enjoy video distribution with added!


Watch your favorite videos when and where you want!

Compatible with multiple devices!!

on your TV, smartphone, or tablet
You can watch your favorite videos anywhere, anytime.

viewing on tv

Viewing on smartphone


Find what you want to see!!

Rich channel lineup!!

channel lineup

Western movies, Japanese movies, sports, variety shows, etc.
You're sure to find the program you want to watch! !

About available channels

That’s not all...

You can also enjoy Disney Plus

Now up to 3 months free

With J:COM, you can watch all Disney + titles for free for up to 3 months.


Detached house limited J:COM interest rate discount
WEB Gentei Start Wari
QUO Card Pay will be given to you when you apply for WEB Toku
New SDU Promotion
Long-term discount on au smartphones au Smart Value
Mesh Wi-Fi Routers

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Other recommended services

Affordable and reliable security Security cameras for single-family homes
Family smartphone insurance
J:COM Telemedicine


Application flow

tv set

Easy in 3 steps!

Minimum 4 days until start of use *

Peace of mind until the opening!


An illustration

Sign Up



An illustration

construction schedule



An illustration

construction, equipment

View the application process in detail

Depending on contract details, congestion, etc., we may not be able to accommodate your desired schedule.


Easy procedures online

An illustration

Sign Up


An illustration



An illustration

Perform initial setup

View the application process in detail

J:COM Customers

About moving procedures

Confirm contract details and usage amount
・Various procedures

Procedures on My Page

Customer feedback

  • Satisfied with comfortable internet environment

    I changed my internet speed to 1G course last year. The line is fast and stable, and I am very satisfied. I'm glad I made the change.

  • Stable internet connection

    After switching to J:COM, my internet connection became more stable. Wi-Fi is also comfortable and uninterrupted, probably because it automatically connects to an easy-to-connect Wi-Fi.

  • Multiple units can be connected

    I have connected multiple Wi-Fi devices such as PCs and game consoles, but I can use it without any problems. Enjoy online videos without stress.

  • even in the bathroom
    comfortable internet connection

    I am using additional pods. Wi-Fi is now connected even in the bath where Wi-Fi was difficult to enter, and the enjoyment of bath time has increased.

  • Security software
    I'm glad it's free to use

    We recommend that the McAfee usage fee is included in the internet service. It cannot be replaced by any other provider.

  • Remote support even when you are in trouble
    solved on the spot

    I am subscribed to Enkaku Support. When I have something I don't understand about a computer, I immediately contact them, and they are able to provide detailed instructions via remote control, which is very helpful.

  • The remaining amount is valid until the end of the following month.
  • For 10GB/20GB (20GB/30GB after increase) plan
  • Both voice calls and data communications can be used in au's 4G LTE area. 3G communication is not available.
    Even within the service area, you may not be able to communicate or the communication speed may decrease.
    Also, you may not be able to use it even if you are on a high floor of a high-rise building or condominium with a good view.
    Please check the au homepage for the latest area information. Communication speed is a best effort service and does not guarantee a certain speed. It varies depending on the usage environment.
  • Some works are available for a separate fee.
  • Communication speed may decrease depending on the usage environment and device used.
  • To use Wi-Fi, you need a device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet that supports the standard.

[J:COM NET Hikari]

  • J:COM NET Hikari will be provided to apartment complexes after December 7, 2023. Delivery speed varies depending on area. The service area is gradually expanding. Offered on either "J:COM NET Hikari on au Hikari (single-family homes only, outside Kansai area)" / "J:COM NET Hikari" / "J:COM NET Hikari (N)" (some areas not available) ).
  • The displayed communication speed is the maximum speed according to the standard for wired connection. Communication speed may decrease depending on the usage environment and device used.

[About high-performance Wi-Fi]

  • To use it, you need to subscribe to a service specified by J:COM.
  • IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac standard. (J:COM NET optical (N) is IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax). In order to achieve the communication speed according to the technical standards compatible with 10G/5G, it is necessary to connect the compatible device (10GBASE-T) and ONU with a wired LAN (Category 6A/6e or higher).
  • Due to the characteristics of in-house wiring (communication performance of LAN cables, routers, hubs, etc.) and wireless LAN, communication speed may be significantly limited or radio waves may not reach.
  • Depending on the contract course, the equipment to be installed and the number of installations may vary.
  • Some apartment complexes may not be able to provide this service. For details, please contact J:COM.
  • The monthly fee includes the monthly usage fee for a high-performance Wi-Fi modem or device (pod) [1G/5G/10G course] 220 yen (tax included) / [320M course] 770 yen (tax included).

[J:COM NET Hikari 10G/5G/1G course]

  • ONU's Wi-Fi standards are IEEE802.11b/g/n, 11a/n/ac (wave2).
  • The maximum communication speed that can be used by one terminal device according to technical standards is approximately 1.7Gbps when connected wirelessly.
  • "J:COM NET Hikari (N)" is NTT's optical line.
    If you wish, we will provide either "WiMAX + 5G (home router)" or "WiMAX + 5G S (home router)" free of charge for up to 3 months until the opening of "J:COM NET Hikari (N)". From the 4th month onwards, 5,500 yen/month (6,050 yen (tax included)/month) will be charged.
    After the opening of "J:COM NET Hikari (N)", customers will need to apply for the return of "WiMAX +5G"/"WiMAX +5G S".
    [J:COM NET Hikari (N)] ① 2-year long-term contract (automatic renewal). ② If the above conditions are no longer met, a contract cancellation fee of 3,500 yen (3,850 yen (tax included)) will be required. ③ Only one line per contract.
  • "J J:COM PHONE Hikari (N)" will be provided only if J:COM PHONE Plus cannot be provided due to the installation status of the area or building. The wiring method is different from "J:COM PHONE Plus".
  • “J:COM NET Hikari 5G Course on au Hikari” and “J:COM NET Hikari 10G Course on au Hikari” are only available in some areas of Kanto.

[J:COM NET Hikari 10G/5G Plan on au Hikari]

  • ONU's Wi-Fi standard is IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax Draft (Wi-Fi certified).
  • The maximum communication speed that can be used by one terminal device according to technical standards is approximately 4.8Gbps when connected wirelessly.
  • If you subscribe to "J:COM NET Hikari 1G Course on au Hikari" with a plan that does not include J: J:COM TV, you can use "J:COM PHONE Hikari". The wiring method is different from "J:COM PHONE Plus".
  • "Netflix"/" Disney Plus"/"DAZN" can be used on devices that support each service. For details on compatible devices, check the "Netflix" / "Disney Plus" / "DAZN" websites.
  • "Disney Plus" is a service operated by Walt Disney Japan K.K. © 2024 Disney
  • “Paramount+” is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures Corporation. © 2023 Paramount Global

[About the amount including tax]

  • Consumption tax differences may occur due to changes in the consumption tax rounding method under the invoice system.