What are regional settings?

J:COM site provides information that is perfect for your area by registering your address as a "region setting."

in regional settings
Information to be notified

1. Rates and channel numbers for your area

Deliver campaign information only for your area!

2. Notice from your local J:COM station

We will also guide you on how to combine services to save money.


Repeated regional settings are displayed.

Please make sure cookies are enabled.

How are you setting it up?

Your settings are saved on your computer. You can disable this function by changing the settings of your Internet browsing software, but in that case, you will be required to select a J:COM station each time the regional information page is displayed. Please note that this will be the case.

Regarding the handling of personal information related to regional settings?

The information collected by our company in the region setting will be the zip code and address of the region where you live, and you cannot identify an individual. This information will not be used for purposes other than controlling the content displayed on the website, and will not be viewed or used by third parties.

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