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principle In principle, links to this website are free regardless of commercial or non-commercial purposes, and prior notice is not required.
Link destination URL We recommend setting the top page "https://www.jcom.co.jp/" as the link destination. Please note that the URL below the top page may be changed or deleted without notice.
Prohibited matter

The following actions and links are strictly prohibited.

  1. Links that make it unclear that the information is from this website by linking by methods such as frame links. Please set the link so that the entire browser screen changes to this website or another screen opens and this website is displayed.
  2. Direct links to images, videos, Flash, PDF and other document files, style sheets, JavaScript, and other files that make up web pages
  3. Links from sites that contain content that slanders J:COM, damages its credibility, or expresses falsehoods, or that contains content that is likely to do so.
  4. Links from sites that infringe or may infringe on J:COM 's intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademark rights, property, privacy, portrait rights, and other rights.
  5. Links from sites that interfere with or may interfere with the operation of J:COM 's services and this homepage service.
  6. Links from sites containing content that violates or may violate public order and morals and social ethics
  7. Links from sites that post illegal content, engage in illegal activities, or may be involved
  8. Links from sites that create the appearance that J:COM is affiliated with the link source, or endorses or sponsors the content of the link source, contrary to the facts, or that contains content that may pose such a threat.
Disclaimer Please judge for yourself the usefulness and usefulness of the information on this website. Please note that J:COM is not responsible for any compensation, complaints, etc. arising from or related to links.

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[About the amount including tax]

  • Consumption tax differences may occur due to changes in the consumption tax rounding method under the invoice system.