Paramount+ J:COM TV Shin Standard now available

  • Mission: Impossible/Fallout
  • American Beauty
  • The Penguins of Madagascar
  • CSI: New York
  • Tulsa King
  • SpongeBob: Everyone in the sea saves the world Woo!
  • Top Gun
  • NCIS Navy Criminal Investigation Team
  • bumblebee

If you want to watch paramount+, you can get a set of J:COM specialty channels and video streaming services.

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Shin Standard

A combination of selected specialty channels and
J:COM's evolving video streaming service

Your internet as a
set for a great price.
TV (J:COM TV Shin Standard) + Internet (1G+Wifi)

Smart OTOKU Plan

4,368 yen per month for 6 months * (tax included)

A full lineup &
great value plans


Watch it on J:COM's video streaming service "J:COM STREAM".
From Hollywood classics to original works,
enjoy only the best entertainment anytime you want.

  • What is Paramount+?
  • Original
  • How to Watch

What is Paramount+? What is Paramount+?

Unlimited access to
original films, classic Hollywood movies
and foreign dramas
only on Paramount+!

Paramount+ is an
American video-on-demand service
operated by Paramount Global.

action, sci-fi, anime, comedy,
reality shows etc.
Lineup covers a wide range of genres.
Including original works,
You can watch many TV dramas and movies.

With J:COM STREAM, enjoy Paramount+
anytime, anywhere!

*New works are always being added to the library.

Paramount+ Exclusive Original Works Exclusive Original Works

Unlimited access of Paramount+ original works!
Watch in Japanese and with Japanese subtitles on J:COM STREAM .

Paramount+ Viewing Methods Viewing Methods

Watch using J:COM STREAM, J:COM's
video streaming service.
Enjoy content on different devices such as
smartphones, tablets, and PCs as well as on TV.

When watching on TV

You can easily watch it anytime and as many times as you like by simply pressing the "VOD button" on the remote control!
From J:COM STREAM top screen, find the work you want to watch from your favorite menu and start watching.

When viewing on a smartphone or tablet

With the "J:COM STREAM" app, enjoy not only VOD but also sports broadcasts and series/variety shows from original channels on the go. In addition, you can download content onto your device.

First, download the "J:COM STREAM" app. Then, log in with your "J:COM Personal ID" and you’re good to go.

Watch on your computer

User" J:COM LINK", please use J:COM STREAM viewing site.
You can view the works by logging in with your "J:COM Personal ID."

Specialized Channels

From live sports and live music broadcasts to
domestic and international movies,
dramas, animation, documentaries, and news

Introducing J:COM TV
Shin Standard's​ ​
specialty channels.




You can watch “now”!

Professional baseball, MLB, golf, rugby, figure skating,
motor racing, cycle road racing,
and many other sports

J:COM TV Shin Standard,
Enjoy without additional charge!


*Regular fee: Monthly fee + 1,300 yen
(1,430 yen including tax)

J SPORTS On Demand

There’s something for everyone

Broadcasting series and variety shows from around the world,
including Europe, the U.S., Korea, and China, as well as many series and variety shows from terrestrial TV stations & CS original shows.

Only available here!

Specialty channels to cater to all ages,
news and economic information,
 as well as live music and music videos


In addition to Paramount+, Korean and Chinese dramas,
Missed anime,
Popular terrestrial TV content
More releases

Paramount+ now available!

And also!

Disney Plus too
now Up to 3 months free You can enjoy it!

Make TV more fun
with J:COM

Watch what you want
wherever you want

Enjoy on a big screen TV
or even your smartphone.

Find breathtaking films
for the big screen TV

Enjoying popular video streaming services
on your TV has never been easier!

For the whole
family to watch

A wide variety of genres are available
for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age.

Prices & Plans

Specialized channels and video streaming services included as a set
for J:COM TV Shin Standard

Basic charge

Shin Standard
5,522 yen per month for 4 years (6,074 with tax)

New customers

Combine services for even more savings

Smart OTOKU Plan

TV (J:COM TV Shin Standard) + Internet (1G+Wifi)
4,368 yen per month for 6 months * (tax included)

*Actual monthly fee for 6 months when applying WEB Gentei Start Wari/WEB Toku (QUO card pay of 6,000 yen) in an apartment in the Kanto area.

J:COM Customers

Procedures and prices for each plan
that you’re subscribed to.

For J:COM TV subscribers, the fee for changing to J:COM TV Shin Standard is waived! See the application conditions