Handling of Personal Information

Please be sure to read this when you are applying from the website.

  • Applying from the website does not complete the application procedure.
    We will contact you to explain the details in detail.
    Please be aware that the formal contract procedures will then be required.
  • Please be aware that services may not be available in certain buildings and locations.
  • Please be sure to read the regulations and the Terms of Use before application.

Handling of Personal Information for Applications Received from the Website

The personal information that you provide in this application form will be used for the following purposes:

  • When customers apply for the services: Confirmation of service availability and contacting customers
  • When customers request additional services or changes to services: Procedures related to additional or changes to services
  • When customers request to cancel the service option: Procedures related to cancellation
  • When customers report a change of address: Procedures related to change of address
  • When customers request changes in credit card payment: Procedures related to changes in credit card payment
  • When customers apply for the J:COMMUNITY Card: Procedures related to the issuing of the J:COMMUNITY Card
  • When customers apply for the Consolidated Billing Service for Groups for NHK Satellite Color Broadcasting Receiving Fees: Procedures related to the consolidated billing service for groups.
  • When customers participate in questionnaires, etc., the results of the questionnaires will be used for reference, to improve our website and services.
  • Information about our services may be distributed.
  • When customers make inquiries and provide comments: Response and explanation to the contact addresses provided using appropriate means

We appropriately manage personal information based on the Privacy Policy adopted by our Company. We do not supply personal information to third parties without the prior consent of customers. However, personal information may be provided to our subcontractors and information processing vendors to achieve the objectives described above. In this case, we will be responsible for selecting suitable subcontractors, and an agreement covering the handling of personal information will be concluded before personal information is provided. * When customers apply for the Consolidated Billing Service for Groups for NHK Satellite Color Broadcasting Receiving Fees, personal customer information will be used by both our Company and by NHK.

You may refuse to enter personal information on this website. Please be aware, however, that in this case activities related to the provision of the services (agreement for confirmation of service availability, receipt of provisional application, and receipt of request for change of service) cannot be undertaken.

Customers have the right to request disclosure, correction, and deletion of their personal information. Please contact the J:COM Customer Center for details about requests.

For inquiries about personal information: call toll-free: 0120-999-000

Representative for the management of personal information protection: Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd.

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