Suspension of Broadcast due to Regular Maintenance of the Facility

1.Suspension of Broadcast due to Regular Maintenance of the Facility

Due to regular maintenance of the facility, broadcast will be suspended on the following date. Please note that preprogrammed viewing and recording may become ineffective.

  • ・Date of Suspension:1:00-7:00 AM (6 hours) on Wednesday, March 15th (plan)
  • ・Subjected Channel:All of cable digital broadcast and some of BS digital broadcast(BS12 Twelve and Dlife)

* The Open University of Japan (CATV channel 703) will be suspended for 5 hours from 1:00 to 6:00 AM on the same date.
* For any programs after 7:00 am on Wednesday, March 15, please set pre-programming for viewing and recording after tuning the channel to CATV channel 200 for 30 seconds or longer.

In Ichikawa, Tokatsu-Katsushika, Chiba Central, and Funabashi-Narashino, Internet and phone services are also suspended at the same period stated above.
(several instantaneous suspensions during the above period.)

  • ・Subjected Services: All J:COM services (TV・NET・PHONE)

* Please refer to “Troubles and Maintenance Information” on J:COM website.

2. Launch of 4K & 8K Trial Broadcast

On Tuesday, March 21 (plan), NHK and The Association of Promotion of Advanced Broadcasting Services (A-PAB) will start broadcast of “Super Hi-vision” (currently in trial phase) in preparation of commercial launch of 4K & 8K broadcast.

3. <Former JCN Areas>Launch of NHK World (Channel 307)

24 hour broadcast of “NHK World TV” starts at 7:00 on Wednesday, March 15th (planned)

* Along with this, current NHK World TV broadcast on Promo Channel (channel 280) from 8:00pm-5:00am will be terminated at the of March.

4. <Former JCN Areas>Launch of Cable 4K(Channel 295)

“Cable 4K” broadcast will start at 7:00 am on Wednesday, March 15th (planned).

* Subjects: subscribers with: “4K Smart J:COM Box <with recording function>”
* In Musashino-Mitaka, Kawagoe, Kasukabe, and Minami-Yokohama, the broadcast is expected to start in early April.

5. End of “Recommended Program Navigator” on Smart TV Box

On Wednesday, March 15, “Recommended Program Navigator” on Smart TV Box will be terminated.

* current access route: On the remote of Smart TV Box, press [ホーム], > テレビ > おすすめ番組ナビ(as pf February 2017).

6. Phone Service Suspensions of J:COM PHONE-i

Phone service will be suspended for 5 minutes on the following dates.

Subjected Areas and dates: ※About 5 minutes during 0:00-6:00 on the following dates.

  • ・Tokyo Higashi Area (Nerima):About 5 minutes during 0:00-6:00 AM on Wednesday, 1st March, Thursday 2nd, and Friday, 3rd.

* Because received call history is deleted with the maintenance, following 3 optional services are impacted.

Number Get Me: checking and call back of calls received before the maintenance
Annoyance Call Blocks: registration of calls received before the maintenance

7. Termination of Program Guide for Mnet Subscribers

“Mnet Program Guide”, provided to Mnet subscribers for free, will be terminated with the March 2017 edition. (A new service is in plan.)