Launch of SHOP CHANNEL Plus

1. Launch of SHOP CHANNEL Plus

On Saturday, April 1, the broadcast of Shop Channel Plus (CATV Channel 204) will start. It is 1 hour delay broadcast of Shop Channel (CATV Channel 200), so you can catch up on programs you missed. During 0:00-1:00am, original programs are broadcast. Please enjoy.

2. Launch of Video Distribution Service, Mnet Smart

In March, Mnet Smart is launched. It is a Korean entertainment video distribution service on smartphones, tablets and PC. Mnet HD subscribers can enjoy the service for free of additional charge.

3. Launch of 4K・8K Trial Broadcasting

On Tuesday, March 21, NHK and A-PAB (the Association for Promotion of Advanced Broadcasting Services), will start “4K/8K Trial” in preparation of commercial launch.

* It will be early April in J:COM Musashino-Mitaka, J:COM Kawagoe, J:COM Kasukabe, and J:COM Minami Yokohama.
*All contents will be in 4K quality regardless of 8K or HDR presentation in titles, TV screen, and program tables. Recording is not available.

4. Launch of OMAKASE Device Compensation Service

“OMAKASE Device Compensation” service is launched on Saturday, April 1. When devices connected to J:COM NET (TV, PC, tablet and other peripherals), are broken / damaged, the repair or replacement with equivalent product within the amount of compensation. Please confirm the details on J:COM website.

5. Option Channel Discount Campaign

Please search by 「myjcom オプション」
① Star Channel
When newly subscribe in the period from Saturday, April 1st to Wednesday, may 31st, the subscription fee for the month of subscription will be free and following 5 months’ monthly subscription fee is discounted to 980 yen (without tax).
② Takarazuka Sky Stage/ FUJI TV NEXT Live Premium
When newly subscribe in the period from Saturday, April 1st to Sunday, April 30th, you can enjoy the channel for the maximum of 2 months at 1 month charge.