Launch of TBS Newsbird Everywhere

1.Launch of “TBS Newsbird Everywhere” App <Free for Standard Plus/ Standard subscribers>

On Monday, December 12th, TBS Newsbird Everywhere app was launched on J:COM on Demand. TBS Newsbird Everywhere is a 24hour news thematic channel that selects 1minutes straight news from news programs broadcast on TBS Newsbird.

  • *Subscribers of J:COM Standard Plus/ Standard can use the app without extra charge or application.
  • *The service is available only on tablets and smartphones.

2.Upgrading former JCN Service <applicable only for Former JCN Service Users>

At 7:00 am on Friday, January 6, the current SD channels on the former JCN TV services like DIGI STA, DIGI MAX, and DIGI ACE will be upgraded to HD. The channel names will be changed accordingly. Please refer to website for details.

  • *The current SD service will be terminated on February 7 2017.
  • *TV services of former Tokyo Cablevision provided at Minato-Shinjuku will be upgraded HD.
  • *Please set your STB to stand by and wait for30 minutes, then, tune to CATV channel 200 for 30 seconds to enjoy HD.

3.Revision of Star Channel Monthly Fee

The monthly subscription fee for Star Channel will be changed starting with the February 2017 subscription.

  • (before) ¥2,000 (excluding tax) → (after) ¥2,300 (excluding tax)

4. Service Suspension due to broadcast facility maintenance.

Broadcast service is suspended as scheduled below due to facility maintenance. Please note some of pre-programmed viewing and recording during the subjected hours may become ineffective.

  • Suspension date: Tuesday, January 17th 1:00-7:00 am.
  • Subjected Channels: TBS Channel 1 -latest dramas, music, movies (channel 554), TereAsa Channel 1 -drama, variety, anime (channel 755), Nittele Plus -drama, anime, live music (channel 757), TereAsa -news, info, sports (channel 758) There are additional suspensions in the following areas.
  • subjected area: Ashiya, and, Higashi-nada, Nada, Chuo, Hyogo and Kita wards in Kobe.
  • Suspension dates: 1:00-6:00 am on Wednesday, January 18th – Friday, 20th (several Suspensions lasting few minutes)
  • Subjected Service: terrestrial digital, BS digital, Cable digital*, and FM radio *Including Pay Per View

5. Phone Service Suspension due to J:COM PHONE-i Maintenance

The phone service will be suspended for 5 minutes on the following dates.

  • Subjected Service:J:COM PHONE-i
  • Subjected Area & Date *5minutes during 0:00-6:00 am period
  1. Higashi Kanto: Thursday, 5th, Friday, 6th, Tuesday, 10, Wednesday, 11th
  2. Itabashi: Wednesday, 11th , Thursday, 12th, Friday, 13th
  3. Sapporo: Monday, 16th, Tuesday, 17th, Wednesday, 18th, Thursday 19th, Friday 20th, Monday, 23rd, Tuesday, 24th
  4. Yokosuka: Tuesday, 24th. Wednesday, 25th, Thursday, 26th, Friday 27th, Monday, 30th
  5. Shonan (Chigasaki, Fujisawa): Monday, 30th, Tuesday, 31st, Wednesday, Feb 1st, Thursday 2nd, and Friday, 3rd.
  • *Because the history of received calls is deleted, following services will be impacted. Your understanding is appreciated.
  • # Get Me: confirmation and calling back of calls received maintenance.
  • Annoying Call Block: rejection registration of the numbers received calls before maintenance

6. Suspension of Phone Service due to J:COM PHONE Plus Maintenance

The phone service will be suspended for 30 minutes during the following hours due to maintenance.

  • Subjected Service:J:COM PHONE Plus
  • Subjected Area & Date *30 minutes during 1:00-6:00 period
  1. Sakai (only Sakai area): Wednesday, 11th, Thursday, 12th, Friday 14th, Wednesday, 18th, Thursday 19th, Friday, 20th .
  2. Sakai (Izumi-IzumiOhtsu & Minami Osaka): Tuesday, 24th, and Thursday. 25th