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Respect for human rights

Based on the value of "treating value to all people," J:COM recognizes that all business activities are premised on respect for human rights and has established the "J:COM Group Human Rights Policy." We respect the human rights of all stakeholders involved in our business activities, including employees, customers, and partners, including suppliers, and believe that we have a responsibility to prevent and mitigate human rights violations. We will promote efforts to respect human rights both within and outside the group by widely disseminating this policy.

Human Rights Policy

J:COM The "Let's make more of our hearts resonate. Let's support people's lives more. Let's open up tomorrow and the future. Based on this corporate philosophy, and in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the J:COM Group Human Rights Policy was established in December 2023.
As a company rooted in local communities and engaged in diverse businesses, including broadcasting and telecommunications, we are committed to promoting and sustaining a variety of initiatives to respect human rights in order to stay close to our customers and provide them with safety and security through a variety of lifestyle-related services, and to ensure the continued prosperity of our customers, our partners including suppliers, local communities, and our employees. To ensure that our customers, partners including suppliers, local communities, and employees continue to enjoy a prosperous life, we will promote various initiatives to respect human rights and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

J:COM Group Human Rights Policy

We J:COM are based on our corporate philosophy of "Let's touch people's hearts even more. Let's support people's lives even more. Let's pave the way for tomorrow and the future." As a broadcasting and communications company rooted in the local community, we work closely with our customers to provide them with safety and security through various services related to their lives. In order for our customers, the local community, and our employees to continue to enjoy prosperity, we respect human rights and aim to grow sustainably together with society. Therefore, we will not only not infringe on the human rights of others, but also take appropriate measures to correct any actual or potential negative impacts on human rights that may have occurred through our business activities, and will fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights.
Furthermore, in cases where adverse impacts on human rights caused by business partners, including suppliers, are directly connected to our business, services or products, we will take responsibility and work with the relevant parties.

1. Compliance with international standards and laws

J:COM supports and respects international standards on human rights, such as the International Bill of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization's (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the Children's Rights and Business Principles. In addition, we have formulated this policy in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and we will promote efforts to respect human rights.

2. Scope of application of the Human Rights Policy

This policy applies to all officers and employees (including full-time employees, contract employees, and temporary employees) of JCOM Inc., including its consolidated group companies.
We also encourage our business partners, including our suppliers, to promote respect for human rights.

3. Human Rights Governance

J:COM makes decisions through its Management Committee, chaired by President, Representative Director. This Management Committee reviews the human rights policy, and in implementing it, we comply with the policy along with laws and regulations, and conduct sound business activities.
Additionally, important matters will be discussed at Director of Directors meetings, involving Director, and the Company will oversee management execution.

4. Addressing human rights issues

J:COM recognizes human rights issues that may arise in the business activities listed in the Appendix, and has established a system to prevent such issues from occurring. When an issue does occur, we respond appropriately and take the necessary steps to quickly resolve it.

  • Identifying Adverse Human Rights Impacts

    We recognize that the environment surrounding human rights may change over time, and by conducting impact assessments on a regular basis, we will evaluate any adverse impacts our business activities have on human rights in society.

  • Mitigating adverse human rights impacts

    In order to prevent adverse impacts on human rights, if any issues arise as a result of the assessment, appropriate responses will be discussed at the Management Meeting, and important measures will be prioritized and implemented swiftly.
    We will also provide education and training to all executives and employees to promote understanding and penetration of the policy. We will also explain the policy to our business partners, including suppliers, in order to promote their understanding of the policy.

  • Human rights monitoring

    We will monitor whether human rights are being properly respected through internal reporting systems, internal audits, etc. Furthermore, in order to fulfill our responsibilities as a company, we will continuously monitor the implementation of measures to prevent and mitigate adverse impacts on human rights.

  • Information Disclosure

    We will appropriately disclose the progress of our efforts to respect human rights on our corporate website.

5. Corrections and Remedies

If it becomes clear that we have caused or contributed to adverse human rights impacts, we will take appropriate measures to remedy the situation.
As a remedial measure, we will set up an internal reporting system and other reporting systems that can be used by stakeholders inside and outside the company. We will ensure that whistleblowers remain anonymous and confidential, and protect them from any disadvantage.

6. Dialogue with relevant stakeholders

We will engage in dialogue and discussion with relevant stakeholders regarding responses to adverse human rights impacts, and strive to enhance and improve our efforts to respect human rights. In addition, based on the results of such dialogue and discussion, we will consider revising this policy, including human rights issues.

This policy has been approved by our Management Committee and signed by President, Representative Director.

December 21, 2023
JCOM Corporation
President, Representative Director Yoichi Iwaki

(Appendix) Important Human Rights Issues

Pursuing employee happiness and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion

In order for all people working at J:COM Group to remain energetic, we believe it is important that they are happy and healthy in both body and mind. To ensure that everyone can experience this, J:COM will promote diversity, equity, and inclusion by accepting and respecting diversity and diverse working styles.

  • Prohibition of discrimination and harassment

    We prohibit all forms of harassment and engage in business activities without discrimination on the basis of sex, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, origin, ideology, creed, religion, illness, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. We also guarantee equal pay for equal work and comply with the statutory minimum wage.

  • Creating a safe and comfortable working environment

    We will manage the appropriate working hours of all employees at J:COM and ensure the health and safety of each employee. We will also create a comfortable and lively working environment. If an employee's personality or dignity is violated, we will take a firm stance as an organization and protect the employee.

  • Prohibition of forced labor and child labor

    J:COM does not tolerate any forced labor, human trafficking, child labor, or other labor practices that violate human rights.

  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

    We respect fundamental labor rights, such as freedom of association and the right of workers to collective bargaining.

Ethical use of technology and data to support innovation

We aim to promote innovation with communications at the core and deliver experiences that exceed customer expectations. In addition, we will contribute to the sustainable growth of society by appropriately addressing the negative impact on human rights that technological development and information/data bring, and striving for ethical use.

  • Avoiding human rights violations caused by technological development

    We recognize that new technologies may lead to unfair discrimination and other human rights violations, and strive to utilize and implement technology in society with a strong sense of ethics.

  • Protection of privacy and respect for freedom of expression

    We are committed to protecting our customers' privacy through strict security measures and appropriate management of personal information, and we respect freedom of expression in communications and on the Internet in all countries and regions.

Providing services and products that respect human rights

In order to realize a society in which all people can live safe, secure and prosperous lives, we respect human rights when providing services and products that our customers can trust.
Furthermore, we will work to ensure that there are no adverse impacts on human rights not only within the J:COM Group, but also in our supply chain.

  • Respecting human rights in the provision of services and products

    We will not use language that could lead to discrimination or harassment in our services or advertisements. We will strive to provide services and products that take into consideration the health and safety of our customers.

  • Realizing services and products that are easy for everyone to use

    We provide services and products that can be used safely and comfortably by all people, regardless of age or disability, and strive to ensure accessibility to services for the elderly, people with disabilities, and people with physical or mental limitations.

  • Harmony with local communities and elimination of human rights violations in the supply chain

    We will take into consideration the human rights of local residents when constructing facilities, etc., and will closely monitor to ensure that human rights violations do not occur in the supply chain through the use of conflict minerals, etc.

  • Avoiding the negative impacts of climate change on human rights

    We will strive to avoid the adverse impacts on human rights caused by the progression of climate change, and work to reduce the environmental impact throughout our entire value chain.

Sustainable and Responsible Sourcing Policy and Guidelines

As a company engaged in a variety of businesses, including broadcasting and communications, we have a responsibility to always uphold high ethical standards and social decency and take the lead in realizing a sustainable society. In order to avoid procurement risks in the supply chain as much as possible, we have established a "Responsible and Sustainable Procurement Policy" and are promoting the identification and management of risks by our business partners.

Partnership Building Declaration

We have formulated and published the "Partnership Building Declaration" to build new partnerships by promoting collaboration and coexistence and co-prosperity with our supply chain partners and business operators seeking to create value.

Dealing with Customer Harassment

Based on our value of "treating everyone," we also value our employees. In the event that their character or dignity is violated, we will take a firm stance as an organization and protect our employees.

Human rights education for employees

In order to realize our corporate philosophy, we have set the value of "valuing everyone."
In accordance with these values, we aim to improve employees' literacy regarding business and human rights through continuous e-learning and training so that they will be conscious of respecting human rights when conducting business activities.

Human rights due diligence initiatives

In accordance with our human rights policy, we will properly identify human rights risks through the practice of human rights due diligence, and at the same time, we will work with relevant departments to consider and implement countermeasures.

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