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Business That Supports Daily Life

A variety of services to bring comfort and peace of mind to customers' lives

We support the lives of local communities and customers by providing new technologies such as TV, Internet, smartphones, Landline, insurance, home IoT, Telemedicine, electricity and gas as services that are easy for everyone to use.

Broadcast/Distribution service

"J:COM TV" provides a new viewing experience by combining a rich variety of channels and internet video services. In addition to voice operations and searches, recommendations based on viewing habits, viewing on smartphones and tablets, and the ability to enjoy online videos on a large TV screen, we respond to customers' ``want to watch'' with exciting entertainment.

Communication service

Next-generation AI Wi-Fi allows you to comfortably work remotely, watch videos, download music, etc. from anywhere in your home, and security is free. "J:COM NET" is 5G compatible, allows you to carry over excess data, and is fully supported J:COM MOBILE" and "J:COM PHONE," which is equipped with convenient functions such as blocking nuisance calls, supports customers' lives.

Life safety service

We bring peace of mind to our customers' lives through insurance services to prepare for troubles and "Telemedicine" that allows you to receive medical care on your TV at home.

Energy service

We provide safe and secure energy while maintaining the same quality, such as ` J:COM DENRYOKU'' where you can choose from a basic menu with great prices and a green menu that contributes to the environment.

Business development in five major metropolitan areas nationwide

Centered on 11 operating companies, 65 sales and support staff bases (bureaus), 5 customer centers, and 9 technical centers, we support our customers' lives with a wide range of services.

List of group companies Sapporo Sendai Kanto Kansai Kyushu Yamaguchi

Staff supporting customers

We are available 365 days a year by phone or chat so that our customers can use our services in a comfortable environment. Customer center operators, J:COM shops, sales staff, and after-sales support staff all over the country carefully respond to customer problems and procedures.

Regional revitalization in collaboration with local governments and local stakeholders

A local producer will be assigned to each service area, and in cooperation with stakeholders such as government, educational institutions, and regional promotion organizations, we will hold events rooted in the community, improve the learning environment, watch over students on their way to and from school, We are contributing to the resolution of regional issues and the development of the region, such as by disseminating information that delivers attractiveness.

Provision of services through nationwide cable TV operators

Through our ISP services, we provide various assets and know-how that we have cultivated to CATV operators nationwide. We deliver safe, secure, comfortable, and convenient services to many customers in line with the characteristics of each business operator's service area.

Attractive Entertainment Business

Enrich your life with content that resonates with your heart

Specialized channel operation/video distribution, movie/animation planning/production/distribution/rights business, solution proposal sales, and regional media (community channel). offers added value.


Deliver attractive content through TV and digital media

Operates BS/CS specialized channels such as sports, movies and dramas. Utilizing broadcast content, we are developing multifaceted digital media such as sports video distribution, fan community formation, and EC.



A sports TV station that broadcasts a variety of sports such as baseball, rugby, cycle road races, and motor sports.

J SPORTS On Demand

J SPORTS On Demand

We will deliver various contents of J SPORTS on multiple devices.

Golf Network

golf network

As Japan's only dedicated golf channel, it broadcasts domestic and international tours and lesson programs.

golf network plus

golf network plus

Develop golf network program distribution, score management application, and golf e-commerce business.

Channel Ginga: Historical dramas, Mystery dramas, Music shows

Channel Ginga: Historical dramas, Mystery dramas, Music shows

Broadcast carefully selected programs for the adult generation, such as world historical dramas, full-scale suspense, and popular song programs.


Expand business areas centered on movies and animation

We are globally developing the rights business centered on video, from the production of theatrical movies and animations to distribution, broadcasting, distribution, and overseas license sales.

Asmik Ace

Asmik Ace

In addition to bold and highly entertaining theatrical movies, in recent years we have also been working on TV animations and theatrical animations, and are promoting the diversification of our business.


Respond to diverse client needs, from digital media advertising to events

Utilizing J:COM Group synergies, we provide solutions including in-house media advertising, event planning, and video production for digital media.



Develops entertainment business including event planning and management, play guides, and publishing.



We provide a one-stop service from marketing strategy planning to video production and operation. In addition to production, we support general marketing that utilizes videos and the promotion of corporate DX.

Local media

Focusing on collecting and disseminating information tailored to the region

We operate J:COM Channel and J:COM TV, which can be viewed in J:COM areas nationwide. In addition, we are disseminating local information through the "Dorokaru" app.

J:COM Channel

J:COM Channel

We plan and produce information programs in 70 regions, and deliver them to viewers with a thorough local perspective.

J:COM Tele


We will deliver a wide variety of programs such as “regional” original content, movies, dramas, travelogues, gourmet, music, animation, etc. to about 14 million households nationwide.

Do Local

Do Local

From local news to information related to disaster prevention, the app delivers the latest local information.

Exciting Retail Business

Jupiter Shop Channel Co., Ltd.

Get close to customers and deliver exciting moments

Started in 1996 as Japan's first shopping channel. We introduce products carefully selected by buyers 24 hours a day, including fashion, beauty, home goods, and gourmet food. You can enjoy the joy of encountering masterpieces from all over the world with the realism that is unique to live broadcasting.

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