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Materiality of the "global environment" Contribution to the global environment

Affordable and clean energy
Responsibility to make, Responsibility to use
Take concrete action against climate change
Protect the richness of the sea
Let's protect the richness of the land

Solving global environmental problems is a common challenge for everyone on earth. J:COM will also play its role as a corporate citizen to ensure a sustainable future for our planet and all people.
Through our business activities, we will proactively take part in various activities related to global environmental issues, and pass on a prosperous earth to future generations.

The Challenge of Realizing a Decarbonized Society

Toward the realization of a carbon-free society, we will promote energy conservation in our facilities and transmission lines, and aim to achieve carbon neutrality through our business activities by procuring and generating renewable energy.

Efficient use of Resources

In order to make effective use of the Earth's limited resources, we reuse and recycle the broadcasting and communication devices and packaging materials used by our customers, and we also reduce waste, thereby contributing to the realization of a recycling-oriented society.

Reducing the Burden on the Natural Environment

In addition to working to protect ecosystems through cleaning and beautifying land and sea in each region, as well as tree planting, we are also a member of the "SDG Media Compact" and are publicizing our sustainable efforts both inside and outside the company, raising awareness of the SDGs and encouraging people to participate in specific efforts.

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