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Human Resource Development/Career Support

Based on the value of "valuing all people," we are working to create an environment where diverse human resources can thrive and expand opportunities for growth. Based on the idea that maximizing the abilities of each employee will be the driving force behind the realization of a prosperous society that J:COM aims for, we are working to realize better human resources policies and systems.

In-house University “J:COM University”

J:COM launched the in-house university "J:COM University" in 2017, and has established an education and training system that allows employees to learn from a variety of systems, with the aim of strengthening "human and organizational skills."
Additionally, in 2023, we will revamp our training system, and in order to support the "autonomous career development" of each employee, we are building various mechanisms to support learning and supporting individual growth.

Ideal Leader Image

Based on the idea that all employees are leaders, J:COM has established five ideal leader images.
The hope is that everyone will be able to actively play an active role as a leader by continuing to learn and grow.

  • Leaders, based on high aspirations and ethical standards, accept diverse values ​​and build relationships of trust where everyone can talk openly.
  • A leader creates a ''place'' where members can continue to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest while being curious and enjoying awareness and creativity.
  • Leaders always broaden their antennae, stay ahead of global trends and social changes, present a vision of the future, and accelerate business growth.
  • Leaders set clear strategies, take on challenges and evolve with a sense of speed and ownership, and see things through to the end.
  • Leaders learn with humility and continue to grow together with those around them.

Human Resource Development System

  • "Level-specific training" to acquire the business skills and abilities necessary for each level
  • "Selective training" targeting positions and specific people
  • An online learning service that allows anyone to study topics they are interested in anytime, anywhere (more than 12,000 books)
  • “DX training” for developing DX human resources
  • “Courses by department” and “public lectures” to improve expertise

< J:COM University Training System Chart>

New Graduate Training Program

We have set up various training programs and are implementing long-term development so that new graduates who join the company can play an active role as working adults and even full-fledged J:COM employees. During the training for new employees, which lasts approximately two months, employees change their mindset toward working adults, acquire basic business etiquette and practical knowledge, and learn the basics of how to proceed with their work. After that, follow-up training will be held six months, one year, two years, and three years later. Correspondence courses and qualification acquisition are also arranged according to the year to acquire the necessary skills.

New Graduate Supporter System

In addition to training for new graduates, we have a ''Supporter System'' where new graduates who have been with the company for two years or more provide direct guidance and support at their assigned locations. In order to help new graduates get a smooth start to their working lives, we not only follow up on work, but also provide mental support through regular interviews and daily encouragement.

DX Training

In order to improve DX literacy skills that are essential for future business, we have set up DX training by level according to position.
By continuing to study e-learning and workshops as mandatory training, you will acquire basic knowledge and practical skills of DX.

Online Learning That Anyone Can Study Anytime, Anywhere

We provide all employees with online learning services that allow them to study anytime and anywhere. You can freely take a topic of interest from over 12,000 courses using your smartphone. The content of the courses is constantly updated, so you can get the latest information.

Self-Development Program

J:COM has a qualification acquisition support system that encourages employees to continually improve their skills.

Qualification Acquisition Support System

This is a system in which the company subsidizes the cost of acquiring skills and acquiring qualifications necessary to perform work. By submitting documents proving that you have passed or obtained the qualification, we will subsidize the cost of taking the exam, purchasing books, and attending the courses required to obtain the qualification.

Career Support

We support each employee's autonomous career development through a self-career checkup that combines career training for each age group and personal interviews with career advisors.

  • (*) Career Advisor: Qualified career consultants are assigned to locations across the country, and they act as familiar advisors, providing career-related consultation and advice, and providing support for alleviating worries and anxieties.

Career Advisor System

We conduct career interviews to support employees in deepening and clarifying their awareness of "career development," and provide consultation and advice to resolve worries and anxieties, as well as facilitate communication within the workplace. We are providing support.

Career Training by Age Group

As values ​​and preferences regarding work styles become more diverse, we provide training to help you design your own professional life and realize a more fulfilling career. By knowing your basic abilities and career-oriented trends, you can confirm your own strengths and growth themes, and shape your career toward your future vision.

1on1 Interview

Unlike general evaluation interviews, we regularly hold ''1-on-1 interviews'' where superiors and subordinates discuss on an equal footing. By having dialogue on a wide range of topics, including not only work but also career, physical condition, and private life, we deepen mutual understanding, build relationships of trust, and lead to increased motivation and growth.

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