The newest just makes sense: J:COM

Further deepen CX

To make it easier for customers to use our wide range of services that are closely related to their daily lives, we are using digital technology to enhance our touchpoints with customers, and we are collecting and analyzing the many comments we receive every day to improve our services across the entire company.

Improved service quality and operability

In response to customer requests for a comfortable Wi-Fi environment, we are working to improve the quality of Internet communications by deploying Wi-Fi modems equipped with AI. In addition, for TV services, we are pursuing service design that is convenient and comfortable for customers by devising and improving the operability of remote controls and the configuration of TV screens.

Improved response quality

We aim to improve the quality of our customer service at every point of contact, including our sales representatives at 65 offices nationwide, customer centers, and service engineers, so that we can make optimal proposals.
We are also working to resolve any issues our customers may have by providing digital support via the web or app, as well as chat support, allowing customers to feel free to contact us with any enquiries they may have.

Service improvements based on customer feedback

We are implementing improvement activities based on "customer feedback" so that we can respond to even the smallest of customer comments, such as "praise," "criticism," "problems and requests," etc. We take customer feedback seriously, provide feedback to the entire company, and carry out service improvement activities across the organization.

Mechanism of service improvement
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