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Health Management

J:COM's sustainability management policy is to create a corporate culture of mutual respect and a work environment where everyone can demonstrate their abilities in their own way, and to realize the well-being of employees and their families.
Based on the idea that the mental and physical health of employees and their families is important as they are the source of value creation, we promote initiatives to maintain and improve health and create a lively and comfortable work environment.

Health Management Declaration

In 2018, we established a "Health Management Declaration" with the aim of becoming a company where people can be healthy and active.

~Text of declaration~
J:COM's sustainability management policy is to create a corporate culture of mutual respect and a work environment where each person can demonstrate their abilities in their own way, and to realize the well-being of employees and their families, which is the source of value creation. I am raising it.

The health of each and every employee is an essential element in realizing our mission.

We hereby declare that we will contribute to the realization of a prosperous community and society by promoting "health promotion" in which the company, employees, and families are united and "creating a working environment" that is healthy and energetic both physically and mentally. increase.

Understanding and Countermeasures for Employee Health Issues

Health-related measures

Health-related measures

  • *1 The definition of appropriate weight is between 18.5 and less than 25.
  • *2 The appropriate weight is 40 or more.
  • *3 Health management level was surveyed in conjunction with the stress check (11,632 people, response rate 99.7%)
  • *4 Work engagement is an original indicator created by a survey contractor from items that correlate with Utrecht work engagement.
  • *5 Presenteeism is SPQ (Single-Item Presenteeism Question, University of Tokyo 1-item version)

Health Management System

Under the direction of the executive officer in charge of the corporate division, we have formed a team within the Human Resources Headquarters that is in charge of health management for all group companies, and is implementing a variety of measures including promoting employee health, improving health literacy, and addressing mental health issues. We are also working to create a workplace environment that is comfortable to work in and allows employees to fully demonstrate their abilities, in line with the health issues faced by employees, and we are collaborating with professionals such as industrial physicians and health insurance unions. Furthermore, we discuss and share our health management initiatives, including occupational safety and health, with employee representatives.

Promotion of Employee Health and Disease Prevention

We are implementing various measures in cooperation with industrial physicians and the health insurance association to improve the health of our employees and prevent diseases and aggravation.

  • Employment determination by industrial physician and implementation of follow-up measures
  • Specific health guidance and encouragement to visit medical institutions to prevent lifestyle-related diseases
  • Encouraging high-risk individuals to visit medical institutions
  • Subsidy for the cost of tumor marker testing
  • Implementation of mass influenza vaccination

Mental Health Measures

We provide a variety of support for the mental health of our employees by collaborating with external specialized organizations and utilizing systems.

  • Stress check/organizational analysis
  • EAP (Employee Assistance Program)
  • PFA (Psychological First Aid)
  • Visit counseling
  • Absence of work management system

Initiatives for Employee Well-Being

External Certification of Initiatives

We have been certified as a "2024 Health and Productivity Management Organization" jointly selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.
This is the sixth consecutive year that the J:COM Group has been certified. In order to create a workplace environment where each employee can work actively and in good physical and mental health, we will promote the maintenance and promotion of the health of employees and their families through a variety of measures.
In addition, as a "childcare support company," we have been receiving Platinum Kurumin certification since March 2021 as an organization that has advanced the use of work-life balance support systems and maintains a high standard of initiatives.

Work-Life Balance Support

We are also putting effort into developing systems that support the balance between work and private life (including childcare, nursing care, and injury and illness), and are creating an environment that supports diverse work styles and promoting the ability of employees to fully demonstrate their abilities. I am.

  • Work interval system of 11 hours in principle
  • Babysitter usage subsidy system

<FY2023 results>

  • Paid leave utilization rate: 85.0% (up 4.9 points from the previous year)
  • Average monthly overtime hours: 20.2 hours (down 2.2 hours from the previous year)
  • Rate of men taking parental leave: 63% (+5 points compared to the previous year)
  • Rate of women taking parental leave: 97% (+2 points compared to the previous year)

Improving Health Literacy and Promoting Health

We provide opportunities to learn about health in a fun way and places to put it into practice, supporting our employees' independent efforts to maintain their health.

  • Holding a company-wide walking competition
  • Implementation of a no-smoking day once a month
  • Implementation of online smoking cessation program
    (You can receive free online medical treatment from a doctor without having to go directly to a medical institution.)

These efforts have improved employees' awareness of efforts toward exercise and health, and the exercise habit scores compiled by our company have increased for both men and women since fiscal 2018.

Changes in Behavioral Habits

Both the ratio of exercise habits and the ratio of people getting enough sleep have improved.

Various Systems Related to Employee Health

Based on our value of "valuing all people," we are working to create a comfortable working environment so that all employees can fully demonstrate their abilities.

  • GLTD insurance
  • Accumulated annual leave system
  • Short-time working hours
  • In-house health consultation desk staffed by medical and psychological experts

Employee Awards

Based on our corporate philosophy, we reward employees who have achieved outstanding performance, efforts, and actions over the past year, setting an example and praising each other, which further increases motivation.

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