Supporting next generation challenges

Supporting challenges through culture and sports

J:COM 's basic management policy is "CHALLENGE," and as part of our sustainability activities, we support "CHALLENGE" in the cultural and sports activities of young people who will lead the next generation.

J:COM Cup Children's Shogi Tournament

One of the gateways to success for elementary and junior high school students who aim to become future shogi players

Since 2012, we have been holding the "J:COM Cup March Comes In like a Lion Children's Shogi Tournament" with the hope that elementary and junior high school students will learn the fun of shogi and that it will be a gateway to success for elementary and junior high school students who aim to become shogi players in the future.
Until now, regional competitions were held only in J:COM service areas, but from 2019, they will be held in the Tokai and Chugoku areas. Going forward, we will continue to help create opportunities for children to aim to become professional shogi players through this tournament.

In 2021, when the 10th tournament was held, we began supporting the Shogi Player Training Organization Shoreikai, and began presenting the J:COM Award to honor the efforts of new 4-dan shogi players who have successfully become shogi players.

Organizer: Organizer: J:COM, Go&Shogi Channel / Co-organizer: Japan Shogi Association / Cooperation: Hakusensha

All Japan Alpine Ski U16 Team Strengthening Support Project

Developing young ski athletes aiming to reach the top of the world

From the 2018/19 season, we have collaborated with Just Loving Ski (JLS) and J SPORTS to develop alpine skiers who will stand at the top of the world. We support the team.
We support the activities of young athletes by cooperating with crowdfunding and providing support for training costs, producing and broadcasting programs closely related to U16 alpine skiers, and distributing the JOC Junior Olympic Cup (alpine competition).

Activities in each region

In addition to national children's shogi tournaments and activities to strengthen the alpine skiing U16 team, group companies and stations in each region support cultural and sports activities unique to their respective regions in cooperation with local governments and organizations.

J:COM Flag After School Softball Tournament (Higashi Kanto Bureau)

The Higashi Kanto Bureau has been co-sponsoring tournaments hosted by the Kashiwa City Youth Baseball Federation since 2021. Eighteen teams of fifth graders and younger participated in this tournament, and J:COM provided championship flags and medals, and the event was covered and broadcast on a community channel.

J:COM Cup Sapporo District Mini Basketball Tournament (Sapporo Bureau)

In addition to holding youth baseball tournaments for over 10 years, the Sapporo Bureau has been participating in tournaments sponsored by the Sapporo District Basketball Association since 2019 and providing championship cups and medals. A total of 128 teams participated in 2023. The tournament will be broadcast on the community channel.

Miura Peninsula Photo Exhibition (Yokosuka Station)

Since 2019, the Yokosuka Bureau has been holding a photo exhibition related to the Miura Peninsula once a year. From 2020 onwards, as a project to support high school students who have had limited opportunities for presentations due to the corona crisis, we are soliciting works from high school photography clubs and using them as a venue for presentations.

Tanashi Shrine Ema Contest (West Tokyo Bureau)

An ema contest is held every year to encourage people to become familiar with local shrines. Designs are solicited from all over the country, and local artists serve as judges to decide on each award, and the work selected for the grand prize will be used as the design for the next year's votive tablet. In 2022, 117 works were received. J:COM presents J:COM Award to elementary school students and younger.

  • *The photo is the 2022 J:COM Award winning work.

High School Light Sound Festival (Osaka Central Station)

Held at Zepp NAMBA since 2017 to support high school club activities in Hyogo, Kyoto, and Wakayama prefectures, mainly in Osaka. In November 2022, it was held with an audience for the first time in three years. The 22 representative schools that made it through the preliminaries had a lively performance, and the state of the day was broadcast on the community channel as a special program.
From 2022, the festival will be broadcast on Amemura Vision during the winter vacation period for high school students.

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