The newest just makes sense: J:COM

Materiality of "people" Realizing well-being

Let's achieve gender equality
Job satisfaction and economic growth
End inequality between people and countries

We promote well-being to create a society where everyone is valued and can continue to shine as they are. We respect diverse personalities and values regardless of generation, gender, nationality, etc., and by allowing each person to demonstrate their abilities in their own way, we will contribute to the development of our customers and society.

Respect for human rights

Under the "J:COM Group Human Rights Policy," we will fulfill our responsibilities as a company by raising employee awareness of human rights and taking appropriate measures against any adverse impacts on human rights caused by our business, in order to ensure the continued prosperity of our customers, local communities, and employees. We will also work with our business partners and other related parties to address these issues.

Promoting DE&I and Developing Human Resources

Guided by its philosophy of "valuing everyone," J:COM will expand opportunities for each employee to demonstrate their capabilities in their own way and support their career development, thereby contributing to the realization of a rich society in which diverse personalities and values are respected.

Promoting Health and Productivity Management

In practicing sustainability management, we believe that the mental and physical health of our employees and their families is important, as they are the source of value creation. Based on this belief, we are promoting efforts to maintain and improve their health and creating a lively and comfortable working environment.

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