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Cooperation for crime prevention and traffic safety

For the safety of the local community, each J:COM station has signed agreements with local governments and police stations to promote activities to prevent various crimes. In addition, we support the creation of safe and secure towns by providing services such as security cameras and automatic blocking of nuisance calls, disseminating information, and watching over the local area.

Cooperation and agreements with local governments and police stations

To ensure safety in their communities, J:COM stations will work with local governments and police stations to conclude community safety agreements and monitoring business agreements, and promote activities to prevent crimes such as specialized fraud. They will also support the creation of safe and secure cities by disseminating information aimed at preventing traffic accidents and various crimes, and by engaging in community monitoring activities.

<From the left, Masayuki Minoshima, Chief of the Taura Police Station in Kanagawa Prefecture; Kiyono Nakamura, Chief of the Yokosuka Bureau of J: J:COM Shonan Kanagawa Corporation; Kazuo Kato, Chief of the Yokosuka Police Station; and Hideyuki Kaneko, Chief of the Uraga Police Station> *Titles at the time of the signing

Crime prevention efforts

Security cameras for single-family homes

The "J:COM HOME Security Camera Pack" was created in response to requests from customers who hoped that installing cameras would have a deterrent effect on crime. It is a reliable security service that does not require you to install or set up the cameras yourself, and allows you to easily check the situation around your home from inside or outside the home via an app.

Nuisance call auto block

Fraud damage caused by Landline telephone fraud continues to occur at a high level and has become a serious social problem, and there is a need for countermeasures against nuisance calls so that Landline can be used with peace of mind. We are cooperating with efforts to prevent damage from various crimes, including special fraud, by providing the J:COM PHONE Plus optional ``nuisance call automatic blocking service'' and through public relations and awareness raising.

J:COM PHONE Plus "Automatic Nuisance Call Block" provides a service that automatically protects customers from fraudulent calls, nuisance calls, etc. with no special settings or equipment required.
  • * Aggregate data from January to June 2022, researched by Tobira Systems Co., Ltd. Tobira Systems Co., Ltd. is the only company in Japan that provides a nuisance phone number list in cooperation with the police.

Community efforts to protect children

We put “Crime Prevention Patrol” stickers on some of our sales and construction vehicles to prevent crime on a daily basis. We are cooperating in reducing troubles, accidents, and crimes in the community by informing the relevant parties when we discover an accident in a person.

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