We will act to keep our city shining.

Contributiontosustainable regional development

In order to continue to develop together with local communities, J:COM connects regions, communities, and people through business activities that provide broadcasting, communications, and lifestyle-related services to our customers.
We will work with you to create a future that continues to be safe and secure, and actively contribute to the creation of communities and the resolution of these issues, so that our local communities can continue to be sustainable.

Our activities and public relations activities that lead to solving regional and social issues, such as disseminating information on regional revitalization events and popularizing Telemedicine for the elderly, were highly praised, and we received the "Corporate Public Relations Grand Prize" at the 39th Corporate Public Relations Awards. I received an award. Click here for news release

Creating a city where people can continue to live
Achieve your goals with partnerships
Job satisfaction and economic growth
health and well-being for all
Quality education for all

DX conversion of local communities

For the sustainable growth of our local community, J:COM will work with local governments and partners to solve unique regional issues such as transportation, medical care, and education through DX conversion.

Contributing to local communities through information dissemination

We will disseminate information on local governments, companies, organizations, etc. by utilizing the contact points with local people cultivated through community channel coverage and the information network rooted in the region.
All 65 stations have assigned "Regional Producers" who are in charge of promotion, and they carry out everything from planning proposals to operation of regional revitalization from the perspective of being close to the region and the perspective of a nationwide network.

Activities disaster prevention and mitigation

J:COM works with local governments and partners to protect communities from disasters. We will support local communities by making daily preparations before a disaster occurs, disseminating disaster information when it occurs, and providing recovery support after it occurs.

Activities for crime prevention and traffic safety

For regional safety, each J:COM bureau collaborates with local governments, police stations, etc., concludes regional safety agreements and monitoring business agreements, and conducts activities to prevent damage from various crimes including special fraud. In addition to promoting the city, we will support the creation of a safe and secure town through information dissemination to prevent traffic accidents and various crimes, and local monitoring activities.

Educational support

In accordance with the "GIGA School Concept," we support the use of learning terminals for families with eligible children, and in some areas provide a dedicated network to boards of education and other organizations to help improve the educational environment. In addition, in the smartphone classroom, we will convey the importance of using SNS and security, and will work to improve information literacy.

Supporting next generation challenges

Supporting challenges through culture and sports

J:COM 's basic management policy is "CHALLENGE," and as part of our sustainability activities, we support "CHALLENGE" in the cultural and sports activities of young people who will lead the next generation.

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