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Materiality of "Local Communities" Contributing to safe, secure and sustainable local communities

health and well-being for all
Quality education for all
Job satisfaction and economic growth
Creating a city where people can continue to live
Achieve your goals with partnerships

As a company that works hand in hand with the local community, we connect people with each other, and people with the community, and together we solve the problems facing local communities. We contribute to creating towns where everyone can live safely and securely, supporting the next generation, and fostering local education and culture, in order to pass on a sustainable society to future generations.

Co-creation with the local community

In order to ensure the sustainable growth of local communities, we will work with local governments and partners to solve local issues such as transportation, medical care, and education through digital transformation. In addition, we will assign "regional producers" dedicated to promotion to 65 stations nationwide to create sustainable local communities by proposing plans for revitalizing the region and disseminating detailed information through community channels and other locally-based media.

Creating a safe and secure city

In cooperation with local governments and partners, we will carry out activities to protect the region from disasters, including daily preparations, disseminating disaster information when a disaster occurs, and supporting reconstruction efforts. We will also work with police stations to promote activities to prevent crimes, including specialized fraud. We will contribute to creating safe and secure towns through our efforts in disaster prevention, disaster mitigation, and crime prevention.

Supporting next generation challenges

We have set "CHALLENGE" as an important value for realizing our corporate philosophy. We will support the next generation of people who will lead the future in their challenges in a wide range of fields, including education, culture, and sports, and contribute to the revitalization of local communities.

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