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Contributing to a recycling-oriented society and the 3Rs

In order to reduce the environmental impact of waste generated during our business activities, we will thoroughly implement effective resource utilization and contribute to the creation of a recycling-oriented society.


We effectively utilize resources and reduce waste by reusing and recycling broadcasting and communication terminals used by our customers.


Refurbishment of terminal equipment

Terminal equipment (STB, cable modem, etc.) used by customers for broadcasting and communication services are always provided with the latest hardware and software through refurbishment, and the disposal of electronic equipment is reduced. increase.

Reusing cardboard

We reuse cardboard boxes used when customers return equipment for warehouse shipments and for sending to partner companies, reducing waste by approximately 130,000 tons per year.


J:COM Heart Co., Ltd., in cooperation with Eco Planning Co., Ltd., collects used terminal devices from customers and manually separates them into individual materials, even down to the last screw, at "Yorii E Space." Compared to mechanical processing, this allows for more thorough and high-quality recycling of precious metals and other materials.
In fiscal 2023, we recycled more than 99% * of the terminal equipment that was scheduled to be discarded.

  • *Including thermal recycling (incineration)

High-quality recycling in the "E-space"

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