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Educational support

We are working to improve information literacy by teaching elementary and junior high school students about the importance of SNS use and security through smartphone classes, etc. We also provide a wide range of learning opportunities, such as trial lessons in each region.

Improving information literacy

We hold classes for elementary and junior high schools, mainly in the Kansai region, to teach children how to use smartphones safely. We teach them about the Internet, which is a part of their daily lives, how to use social media, the importance of security, and how to use it safely, securely, and conveniently.
We will continue to engage in awareness-raising activities to improve the information literacy of everyone who uses the Internet, from children to seniors.

Learning through hands-on classes

Local elementary school students learn about "teamwork and a sense of responsibility through producing news programs." Learn from J:COM staff about reporting, script writing, announcements, cameras, sound and lighting, and produce programs. The program also fosters curiosity and communication skills through classes.

  • * State of implementation in 2019
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