Educational support

In accordance with the "GIGA School Concept," we support the use of learning terminals for families with eligible children, and in some areas provide a dedicated network to boards of education and other organizations to help improve the educational environment. In addition, in the smartphone classroom, we will convey the importance of using SNS and security, and will work to improve information literacy.

Development of online education environment

The GIGA School Initiative was launched by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2019 with the aim of creating an ICT *1 environment for children across the country. J:COM provides the "GIGA School Plan *2" to families with eligible children and supports the use of learning devices at home. Furthermore, in some areas, we are working to improve the educational environment by providing dedicated networks to boards of education and governments and increasing speed.

  • *1 Communication using communication technology
  • *2 Internet special price plan with Wi-Fi standard equipment

Improving information literacy

We hold classes on how to use smartphones safely, mainly for elementary and junior high schools in the Kansai area. We tell children how to use the Internet in a safe, secure, and convenient way, such as how to interact with SNS and the importance of security.
We will continue to work on educational activities to improve the information literacy of all people who use the Internet, from children to seniors.

Results 2,630 times, 134,000 participants

Learning through hands-on classes

Local elementary school students learn about "teamwork and a sense of responsibility through producing news programs." Learn from J:COM staff about reporting, script writing, announcements, cameras, sound and lighting, and produce programs. The program also fosters curiosity and communication skills through classes.

  • * State of implementation in 2019
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